Ang mga Lambing ni Lolo Ding by Michael Coroza: A Book Review

IMG_20150402_105649Since Genaro Gojo Cruz endeared me to  his children books , especially to his   best-selling YA  Connecting the Dots, I am now fond of reading  other Filipino children books. So it just so happened that  both my nephew and sister alike borrowed an armful of children books from  an NGO which project is to boost children’s   literacy, I took the good  chance to read this among them.

In English translation, it could be Grandpa Ding’s Tender Loving Care . It is a story about a grandson   telling  about the sweet memories of his  grandpa Ding who taught  him good manners and moral lessons-  a story to which  those adults  who grew up with their grandpas when they were still young can relate. What I  liked about the book  more is  its  illustrations drawn by Maurice Risulmi;  I find them so cute and realistic.IMG_20150402_105736



I also have got a grandpa with whom I spent   time my young childhood. However, after reading it, two questions occurred to me what sweet moments I  remember about him and what moral lessons he ever taught me…A wave of guilt feelings came over me, and  I  was at loss for words unknowing what I should have to answer once someone asks  me the same questions.

Just what I remember is that   both my grandpa and  the late grandma sometimes took along with me whenever  they had to go  to a far place. Just what reminiscent of him is that he would always dress me down whenever I did something wrong, but I had never  felt that I was different among his grandchildren, nor  did he  play favoritism. Also, I never felt that he was such a draconian grandpa to  me; rather , he is not far different from grandparents who  pamper their grandchildren.  Since my family and I moved here in Manila at early age, I just  know that in character, he is a calm and joyful widower.

This book  is recommended  to  10 years old above, but I am now 28. Childish I appear to be, but reading it reminds me of my childhood experiences- a good reading list everyone should do as  an American psychologist put it:

“ Sometimes you have to  think like a child again…”

Rating : 3/ 5  stars


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