Cool War: The Future of Global Competition by Noah Feldman: A Book Review

cool warThis book is worth reading. It is what the doctor just ordered because nowadays, the relationship between China and my country has never been good for one reason: China has been laying claim to the Spratly Islands , apparently located in our territory based on the international law. However, nowadays, China has been obstinate and aggressive. They are now building a military base on one of the islets despite the fact that the Philippines has submitted its complaints to the international tribunals. Our government has even had diplomatic discourses with its government many times. Why China’s attitude toward us is like this? Upon reading this, my self-analyses have been proven right: China’s economy is rising and China wants to expand its geostrategy.

COOL WAR, for Noal Feldman, means two countries are economically interdependent, but tend to be at odd against each other when it comes to geostrategy. The words are far different from COLD WAR when two countries have aggressive competition for building nuclear plants.

N.Feldman emphasized the probable risks China could pose to the world, particularly to the USA when its economy has been symmetrical with the USA. In other words, China still does not have the ability to declare a war against the USA in the event of misunderstanding since surprisingly, the USA has a considerable amount of debt to China.By the same token, China still cannot brag its economy NOW because losing America could paralyze its economy. Therefore, both depend on each other. To put it mildly, Feldman emphasized that a big economy has been proven to be the best key to becoming a super power. However, no matter what underlying reasons that restraint both of them, paradoxically, each of them avoids waging a war.

Enough said! I am almost a spoiler now. You should read it. The book deals with Feldman’s analyses of the origin of cool war, especially his anatomical dissection of China’s economic values.

No matter how considerably detailed the book is , it is apparent in my humble opinion that China still has hidden DESIRE to be a super power. Gee, Feldman’s analyses could be the auguries. This is how complicated our world is. So, reading such genre is an eye-opener.

Rating: 5 / 5 stars


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