Dear Juno Moneta

When I was financially embarrassed two years ago, I ended up writing a sorta  philosophical soliloquy just the like of this:

October 24, 2013 

Dear  Juno Moneta,

I have a bone to pick with you.This is about the philosophical  fact  I realized in the past. Do you happen to know that  you manipulate the inhabitants of this planet? You   determine  what  choices  people  should decide on. You underlie what shape of  life they should  mold.  Of course, you’re indispensable . You make life  more comfortable,but, ideally, you don’t after all.  Do you exist in the other  dimension of the universe likewise? How about afterlife or Hell if there are such things ? Is it ideal that you don’t exist at all? The world would be like a Utopia. Gee, far from it!  It would be like  a grubby  world of barbarians. You’re dystopic, indeed.

You are inured to  surviving this  complicated world. You are invested in attaining  higher power.over the destitute. Therefore, you are the instrument of all evils, for our minds are held hostage. Much more  if you are  on  our genes; for sure  you would  replace the GOD and the god of the gods. Otherwise, you would be as nefarious as Lucifer. Ah, you must be one of the  offsprings   of  the greatest Evil , if I were deeply religious  to  put it  bluntly. No wonder  friends, families, politicians,and nations  declare wars  against one another. I may be wrong; some may have this wisdom shield.

 I don’t want to put the blame on you, for you are created by a HUMAN  himself  since the ancient civilizations  were built. Do you intend to chasen people that GOD doesn’t really  exist? Jeez, I may be wrong; I may be breaking the faith– I may be inconsistent– I may be being influenced by Dawkinsism ,or I may be   suffering from low IQ.

 From now on, you will be my master no more. I’ll  put a bridle on you. You will never ever dictate to me.

 So far, I  have been trying to  mop up  all the havoc you have  caused. I hope I can make it through , or else Harakiri or Kamikaze is the last resort.



The Puritan


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