EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES: Dealing with People Who Drain you Dry by Albert J. Bernstein, PhD. : A Book Review

emotional_vampires-0071352597It is said that bad feedback could be attributable to your personality problem. If you do not know why you are disliked by a majority of  people around you, well, it’s about time you learnt the Johari’s window: There may be some things the people around you know about you that you never know.

Admit it. There is someone or at least some of your co-workers whom you find annoying drain you dry in the sense that you cannot put up with them any longer. No matter how colossal your patience is, but still you tend to have had it. So, you cannot avoid gossiping about them with among your co-workers. Poor them! Or poor me. I may never know. (laughs)

But the themes of this book about the people above said are more “appalling” than you will expect. The book deals with different kinds of emotional vampires who drain your dry. Emotional vampires because metaphorically speaking, they suck you to death. Dr. Albert Bernstein, the author of the book, categorized them into THE ANTI-SOCIAL TYPES, THE HISTRIONIC TYPES, THE NARCISSISTIC TYPES, THE OBSESSIVE –COMPULSIVE TYPES, and THE PARANOID TYPES. Dr. Bernstein discusses the nature of their personalities, how they affect your lives negatively. In fact, he discusses some approaches to dealing with them as though you are going to be a shrinker yourself. However, the deeper the content you read, the more you find the book exaggerated and imaginary. Are these people real? Upon reading it and based on my experience to boot, my answer is yeah.

As a matter of fact, I have a co-worker who has met the said category. He is a narcissistic type. He loves crowing to the world that he has this one, h e has done something, he will do something like this. Fiddlesticks! No wonder most of my co-workers find him a nuance. So , they avoid eating together with him. They do not talk to him. And they think-ill of him in his absence. He has had such plague history since he began working in our company. Poor him! No one of us has the audacity to chasten him. In fact, I engaged in a colloquy with him one time. (laughs)

Since I have a background in psychology, I always believe that every person we meet has the bright side: We are all kind like an innocent child. We just fall victims to our bitter experiences. On the contrary, this is the reality of the world that we can always never be such a lamb to a slaughter: We have to treat those kinds of people above.

Rating: 3/5 stars


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