Ang Barumbadong Bus by Rene O. Villanueva : A Book review

I learned from  Developmental Psychology that  the best foundation of  personality  at later age  begins from  3 to  4 years old,  when they begin to  enhance their developmental tasks by exploring the world. Applying this principle,  one of best ways , thus, to inculcate people in  what is good and wrong  in our culture is  by means of reading  children books pregnant with good moral lessons , especially realistic and sensible,  not  idealistic, traditional, superstitious, fantastical,  or quixotic. And this   feasible approach is what I liked in this book. The writer must have intended to design such idea.

The writer   personifies the common means of transportation  in Metro Manila , primarily   buses,  to represent  arrant megalomaniac   drivers    since they are now considered the kings of the road- a position jeepneys held  before. In the story,   a  pompous and indifferent  bus runs at a  headlong,  constant  speed  without considering the other vehicles .  The bus is said to be a speed maniac or “ kaskasero “ in Filipino. It just keeps on running, swerving off the other way, or blah blah blah. When jeepneys   kvetch,  or the plants along the road are  suffocated  by the  fatal black smoke  the bus blows , it  is always retorting conceitedly that he is the king of the road. It  is  always in the habit of claiming , “ I am the  king of the road.” Eventually, the bus  will  get its comeuppance by crashing  into another vehicle that  will reduce  it   to ruins. As  a rule, useless machines are  dumped  into a heap of rubbish.

This children book is metaphorical in a sense that it educates young readers  how to be responsible when they become drivers themselves someday.

In the Philippines, there are such many drivers. In fact,  I have ridden the buses that run  in different fashion , and I don’t recommend  the following  to the fain-hearted.

There is a bus that runs like a roller coaster. It   will make you hold your breath for  sure holding onto the bar of the other chair  in front of  you , closing  your eyes  while crossing  your fingers that it won’t capsize,  about to crash into other  vehicles . That is Rainbow Express.

There is a bus that runs as fast as a  jet , and no wonder it has killed many passengers, but I do not know why every time this bus comes at a distance, passengers  waiting  beat one another to  the vacant seats by pushing  themselves  into its door. That is Nova Bus.  I have experienced it one time, but I would never dream of  it.

There is a bus which name fit with Superman because  it  runs as though it flies up in the sky and for sure you will get to your destination in a flash. That is Lippad.  I would never ride it; I do not know how to fly.

And there is a bus that no another buses can beat it ,  for its  record is unbeatable  and unbreakable  because it has the highest number of killed victims, and I wonder  if it still runs. That is Don Mariano.

I rode it one time when I was   late for my work.  To my surprise, the bus is indeed fatal, for it broke down  in the middle  of the road , halfway on my destination. Gee, I could  have been being rescued  in a horizontal position.

How about jeepneys? Uh-oh! They are not exception to the rules. Only if I could name them.

I think the main problem why there are such “ kaskasero (speed maniac ) “ drivers is  because of atrocious  heavy traffic  everyday  and of the  fact that they want to make a lot of money- definitely  a social problem  the government  has to address, granted that  in reality, the big population is the underlying cause.

Tsk tsk tsk

Rated : 3/ 5 stars


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