SAT-urnine Reading Days

A stack of different SAT references
A stack of different SAT references

My six-year  experience in  teaching ESL  has never been a hindrance to my intrusive desire to read a book. As long as possible , I always make time to do  it despite my hectic schedules . However, there are times that I am derelict in my duty; I miss updating the records and documents   the office requires me to do, or sometimes I just make hash out of them.

Recently, for the first time-although I have not pulled through my graduate studies yet- I have been given SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test) subject  , a  standardized test taken by high school graduates , especially by foreign students  who wish to enter prestigious universities. This subject requires enough time to plan and study . In other words, I have to bend my mind to it, so I will not have enough time to keep up with the books on my list. Fiddlesticks!

The areas of the subject I will be dealing with is more on reading comprehension and essay writing. Although I have taught the other subjects such as TOEIC and TOEFL, but SAT on the other hand is utterly   different. I may be able to teach the writing part, but when it comes to reading passages , I realized then that it is not a no-brainer at all. To study it  is like ending up bashing my head against a study table. It takes me time to get the hang of its techniques for answering the exercises, especially of how I could explain the answers to my student. Uh-oh! I am not too smart to do so; my IQ level is as low as a dolphin’s eh. For this reason, I almost spend my free time for catching upon  the books I have still been reading  studying my butt off  around the clock. Puffy eyes I have. @_@

Nevertheless, as a knowledge vulture, this is one of the things I want to do academically to develop my intelligence. I have  noticed recently that burying myself in fictions somehow waters down my critical thinking. My brain has been saturated with literary words, quotes, and characters. Besides, stuffing my head with such subject massages the billions of  neuron cells in my brain. I can even apply my knowledge of literature to reading passages. Furthermore, since I have  always wanted to improve my writing and  reading skills more, it is about time that I took it seriously.

I wonder  if I  could include it on my Goodreads ‘ reading challenge?Gee whiz!


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