The Talk Of The Town by Ardal O’Hanlon: A Book Review

There he is, my neighbor, a waste of boy, fashioned himself into an innocent look, an obvious look of teenage: lankily immature but cute and good-looking, his flawless fair complexion is no longer indelible, but still he takes after his father’s charisma. Poor boy! His father abandoned them. There he is playing an arachnofight with another waste of boy bending over his shoulder.

It was a scene of gross negligence.

talkJust finished this book did I notice the boy across from my house. He could resemble the man of this book, Patrick,a teen-ager,in a blue funk,lost his father and dreams of taking after his father’s job as a security guard. Alas, when his father kicked the bucket, he started to get criss-crossed which path of his life he should keep up with. He eventually learned the rocks of life. He got into drugs, sex, riot, and immature love which caused him to commit a sin he had never thought of.

This was renamed  Knick Knack Paddy Whack for publication in the United States.

I did not like it at first; its writing style is not my cup of tea. I could not get the settings of the story. The sequence of events is  even confusing. Eventually, there is the method to the narrator’s, probably the author himself, madness after all: It could be a teenager’s testimony- he probably wants to vent his spleen. As I reached its climax, I got choked up, rendered speechless. In fact, its ending helped me clear all the clouds overcast my mind since the beginning. Poor Patrick!

I realized then that sticking to traditional writing styles has nothing to do with what meaningful messages writers want to imply. Sometimes the good intentions of writers qualify their books to be worth reading.
Alas, I can not bring myself to give it more than two stars. I may be used to my standards, or still overwhelmed by its aftereffects.

It is Ardal O’Hanlon’s first novel. He is lucky that this is included on the list of 1001 Best Novels in the World You Must Read Before You Die.

Rating : 2 / 5 stars


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