The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Book Review

gatsbyThis is an Americanized novel; it has something to do with the American society during the Jazz Age in 1920โ€™s when there was atmospheric aristocracy in society. The rich were ostentatiously glamorous by throwing luxurious parties, so the people in the lower class were pigeonholed; they strove to meet the standard norms. In addition, bootlegging became prevalent, so the social situations, along with their psychological effects, at the time are illustrated in the novel. However, subjectively speaking, I did not enjoy it much. Its plot boggled my mind. I did not have the slightest ideas of what the characters are talking about; I did not know where they are going. (I should have concentrated well. (laughs)). In addition, the narrator is too quick to narrate the story as if he was making some shortcuts. I wish he went easy on each situation; I wanted to get to the deeper part. ( I guess it may be another form or style of writing a novel. ) I felt F. S. Fitzgerald may have written it slapdash or quickie. In other words, it was awfully written; I feel that the plot seems to lack of literary elements as if there are something in the story I wanted to know more. ) Nevertheless, I only felt its climax when the last two chapters cast the lights on the real characters of Jay Gatsby. He pulled the string of my heart. I could somehow feel his loneliness, overshadowed by his bereavement; his idiosyncrasies, and his idealism. ^^

Flummoxed by the fact why it is so popular among the literati, I made an effort to get through its essence in the Internet. I learned that the novel was not yet popular at that time. In fact, it distressed F. S. Fitzgerald a lot knowing that his books were completely forgotten. It only drew the attention of the Americans when it was one of the books distributed to the American soldiers during the WWII. ( I guess the purpose was to entertain the soldiers.) Consequently, among the books they read, The Great Gatsby caught their attention, and it became more famous. In other words, the novel developed an American psyche until it becomes nostalgic by including it in American curriculum. No doubt TIME and Modern Library both voted it as one of the best novels of all time. Naturally, the panelists may have been American, for they take pride in it. ^^

Now I have understood why my best friend likes it a whole lot. She may have deeper reasons .She must relate herself to the story. But pardon me Han Han for giving it 2 stars. Not bad. It is ok. Had F. S. Fitzgerald put it into another way, I would have loved it likewise. If I have seen its movie adaptations, I may like it , for Lionardo di Caprio was too handsome to play the role of Jay Gatsby; Tobey Maguire ,for Nick Carraway. I3 I3 I3

Rating: 2/ 5 stars



  1. I couldn’t deny how I was so inlove with the story despite of Jay Gatsby’s stupidity of stealing her ex woman already committed with someone else. If I was him, with my wealth and fame, I would disregard my feelings with the woman who never waited for me to come back. I would just find another woman I deserve and enjoy my life with her in a luxury. Why not? Look what happen if you are too much inlove and not using your brain. He lost everything and his life in the end because of a woman. Plus, Daisy was insane in my opinion. Hahaha!

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    • I have watched the movie. Comparatively speaking, the movie is better than its book.I was really impressed. In fact, because of its movie adaptation, I feel like reading it again; I have come to understand Jay Gatsby’s situation now. And wow! I really love Lionardo di Caprio. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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