The Reads I should not Miss Before Hitting the Sack.

When I was in elementary , aware of my academic  incompetence , the only study habit I knew  was just  read any books at my disposal. I was motivated then when my cousin gave me an idea of how  to speak English: I had just to memorize a dictionary by heart. I did it. When I was in high school, I learned to use a library card, so I always went to our school library right after our class. There I read all the books I could have done when I was still young. I just read and read. History and Science were the apples of my eyes. When I stepped in  my  first alma mater, I knew  an old  , definitely   experienced, professor   known for his style of teaching. He motivates his students to read books as part of intellectual development. In fact, according to him, there are four things which are good study habits a student or anyone should do: Read the following such as :

  1. the Bible ( of your religion)
  2. The Constitution ( of your country)
  3. The American Dictionary
  4. A Newspaper
  5. A book you find interesting and you can read at your leisure.

In harmony with the professor’s feasible, but optimal  opinion, it is so strange to say that actually I have the same study habits  every night. To cap it all off, I  have this guilt feeling whenever I overlook to do so because I have the conception that reading and studying my butt off-  although I have not worked  my way through a graduate school yet- can help me to be intellectually satiated.   I guess I am an apotheosis of an opsimath.

Here are the books I MUST do before hitting the sack; otherwise, I have an irresistible and unruly pang of compunction in the morning :

  1. longman
    my dog-eared dictionary

    LONGMAN Advanced American Dictionary, 2007 New Edition. I am a trying- hard lexicographer and logophile. In fact, I have got six dictionaries in kind at home. Only this one  can I put in my carapace backpack  which  I cannot even  winnow out if my bag is too hefty to carry with me. This is so indispensable in my job as an ESL teacher as well as a bookworm – not to mention an amateur blogger. ( laughs ) In fact, I always recommend it to my students if  they want to improve their academic writing. So, I cherish it a  whole lot, for it was my big dream then to posses this kind of dictionary.  Had it not been my student’s generosity, I would still slobber over it at bookstores; its price is still astronomical. No doubt the  other outlets of the biggest bookstore in the Philippines is always   sold out of it.

  1. Newspaper. When I could not afford laptops or tablets before, I was in the habit of buying a newspaper on weekends or weekdays when I had an extra budget. I would read the newspapers in the morning while eating breakfast or on the bus to work. It also used to be my habit then when I was still in high school. I would not care about the price on account of my primarily thirsty desire to catch up with the current events and  news affairs  as well as with  the editorial columns ,  which give me an avalanche of ideas  on how I should write more effectively and interestingly. The good thing is that now I can subscribe to any newspapers site I find trustworthy gratis as long as there is internet connection.  

I used to read Manila Bulletin Newspaper , for  it is densely loaded with articles, but now I find the topics of The Philippine Star more interesting whereas The Philippine Daily Inquirer more credible. On the contrary, for me real newspapers are more educational than e-newspapers.  Real ones are tangibly and olfactorily stimulating; I can catch   words or phrases with my different colorful highlighters. ^_^


3.The Philippine Constitution. Awoken to the professor’s advice above, since then I have begun reading  our Philippine Constitution every night. However, I just do it whenever I still have spare time at night, for I prefer to bury myself in a novel or another  interesting book  I can sleep through.

Reading the constitution is important because I am a citizen in my country and I must at least  be familiar with  all the laws as well as the  legal system in the government. In doing so can help me understand and watch out   for the political system, particularly the root of corruption, or groom me to be a future lawyer likewise.  ( laughs)

4. An English Textbook. I am an ESL teacher. I still have to be a perpetual student ( in the air ) so that I could be a so-called leading authority as how my co-teachers delude themselves  as when my students ask me off guard about English grammar and structure (a challenging situation that endeared me to my job for six years )

  1. A useful book for effective writing
  1. A fiction or nonfiction. Nothing beats reading a fiction or non-fiction. Period. 

    swamped in Fifty Shades of Grey although I still have some books on my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads
    Currently swamped in Fifty Shades of Grey although I still have some books on my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads

Keeping up with the reads above seems  to be physically impossible for you, but it is a matter of self-discipline.

Did I miss any  one  on  the professor’s list?  You got it!  ^^


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