The Book of Deadly Animals by Gordon Grice: A Book Review

animalWhoa! Finishing it is like making an exit from a vast zoo of the deadly animals.I could not help it. Gordon Grice took me on a tour of the different animal kingdoms. Passing each ghastly kingdom awoke me to the reality more that living on this earth is not ideally safe after all. Everyone could be a victim of brutal predation. In fact, I got giddier and more terrified when I came upon the kingdom of nematodes. God forbid! How terrible the world is! No matter how hygienic we try to be, we can be susceptible to invisible living organisms.

I revere Gordon Grice for his enthusiasm for and dedication to studying or “psychologizing” all kinds of animals although he is not a known scientist. Reading his book gives me the idea of how he is such an animal lover.

There are two messages Gordon Grice wants to imply in his book. First, there are no such harmless animals. Even ordinary or domesticated animals are unpredictable; they can pose danger to us. Second, since animals are not as intelligent as we are, they can be aggressive in humans only based on biological drives. However, they can learn so once we, humans, no longer draw the line. In other words, psychology works on them too.

The book, however, is not utterly educational or informative more than I expected. It is awash with brutal predation and traumatic experiences of the victims who fell prey to deadly animals. So when you read it, you might hold your breath for every instances of heinously symbiotic food chain among animals. Nonetheless, the farther you go, the sicker you become of knowing the first-hand accounts. Enough said! I guess Gordon Grice only shares sparse information. Thus, my brain was not completely satiated. Perhaps no sooner had I seen the title THE BOOK OF….than the first idea occurred to me was that the book was encyclopedic with trivia or facts I may not have been cognizant of. Rather, I enjoyed learning the new vocabulary words, especially the proper collective nouns for the animals. In addition, the book is well written.

I am a certifiable ailurophile. I love cats. I have got two domesticated cats. Also, I could be such an animal lover. If I were well-to-do, I might pet as many as I could although I’m aware of the facts G. Grice wants to apprise us of. Like what I learned from biology subjects, I believe that in order to avoid such ineluctable “devourers”, we must be more responsible for balancing the nature, for we are the highest mammal in the kingdom animalia. Sad to say, we are still incorrigible.

Rating : 3/ 5 stars


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