The Three Musketeers (The D’Artagnan Romances #1) by Alexandre Dumas: A Book Review

alexI want to count myself in among “ batang 90’s “ or children who were born in the 90’s because at that time , we were anxious to watch animated shows from school in the mid-morning or right after our siesta in the afternoon. One of the unforgettable anime with its immortal motto, “All for one, one for all.” was THE THREE MUSKETEERS, which I aped with my playmates. Aramis was my favorite among them. Guess why? Besides, I was stuck on the mysterious, crafty miscreant Milady. ^^

THE THREE MUSKETEERS is a romantic adventure written by Alexander Dumas. The novel, along with his other works, is said to have been written in collaboration with his ghost writers – Augustine Maquet and Paul Maurice. Dumas was only responsible for narrative, monologue and dialogue; his ghost writers were for plotting. The center of the story is the brave hero, D’Arthagnan, a Gasconian who eventually became a musketeer with the three original musketeers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. D’Arthagnan also appears in the Count of Monte Cristo, the novel I am looking forward to.

Apparently, the novel is a cloak-and- dagger style. The four heroes will avert the hidden plans of the antagonist, Cardinal de Richelieu in cahoots with his spy , Milady, who turns out to have a big role in the story. The Cardinal wants to put the wife of the King of France, Anne of Austria, in an awkward position by disclosing her secret love affair with the Duke of Buckingham. To save the face of the Queen, the heroes will stave off Milady. The melodramic part of the story is the “miserable death” of D’Arthagnan’s lover, Constance Bonacieux. What an utterly ridiculous thing about Constance is that she is such a sophisticated and “infatuated ‘gullible. Well, needless to say, D’Arthagnan appears in the other novels, particularly in the Count of Monte Cristo.

Since the novel deals with the swashbuckling heroes, it is obviously worth reading for teenagers; it is entertaining and full of fun.It was so had I read when I was young, for I watched it on TV.No doubt it was a hit during Dumas time. But before I read it, the memorable facts about it as far as I remember were that:

( a) D’Arthagnan was such a funny , stupid, but brave hero. In the story, he possesses the qualifying characters of a real musketeer- valorous, loyal, and smart.

(b) Constance Bonacieux was a beautiful, “immaculate” daughter of a landlord. In the story, she turns out to be older than D’Arthagnan and married to an old treacherous man, whom she will repulse on account of his cupidity.

( c) Melody was Milady’s name. All the rage about her was her skills in hypnotism. In the story, she is known as Lady de Winter. She also uses many aliases to cover her skeleton in the closet. Her seduction is her hypnotic skills after all.

(d)Aramis was a real woman who pretended to be a man to enroll herself in being a musketeer in the hope of revenge against her past lover’s death. In the story, his real sexuality is never mentioned. He is a man who is said to have a secret affair with a woman I am not sure of what position in society she has. Also, he is a man who is fond of reading and debating about Theology and prepares for a monastic life.

(e) The king of France, King Louis, would be a captive in a dungeon under the hands of Cardinal de Richelieu. His face would be covered with an ironed mask. Also, I thought the Cardinal was such a Satan. In the story, he is such an honorable man who eventually grants D’Arthagnan a carte blanche and a commission for his remarkable bravery.

(f) The name of D’Arthagnan’s horse was Rosenante. Hahaha  Gascon is his name after all. When I was in elementary, we all very knew Rosenante.

Good grief!I was wrong after all. It might be child amnesia. Or I guess I could read these facts in other Dumas’s works.

What I enjoyed reading this novel since it is a classic is that I learn old use English words or phrases – which never had I thought of palpable to my tongue and to the train of my thought. It may be one of the reasons why I took pleasures in reading it and other classics as well.

While I was reading it, I felt like a teenager again. Besides, although a little disappointed I am, I feel like watching its anime again, or I would love to see its movie adaptations, recollecting the scenes fading in and out.

Rating: 3/ 5 stars


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