Enduring Love by Ian McEwan: A Book Review

IanI am not a great fan of Ian McEwan,but I always feel like reading his novels because I am mesmerized by his allegorical sentences as well as his labyrinthine plots and settings just the like of his Booker Prize winning Amsterdam which I first ever read. In fact, he is always one of the favorite themes in literary articles.No wonder he is widely acclaimed by famous writers,heralded as one of the greatest British writers since 1945 by THE TIME. And I won’t be cynical about it.

I had wanted to rate it with 2 stars,but there are two reasons I took into account for giving it 3 stars. First,aside from its obvious theme on religion  and science  -this book may reflect in McEwan’s views on religion,for he is said to be an atheist- I got a “hard-on” with the queer condition of one of the characters, said to be diagnosed with Le Clerambault Syndrome which brought about the ENDURING LOVE between Joe and Clarissa.Uh-oh! it would be a page-turner if the man were not sick. (laughs) Instead, I had assumed that Joe may be sick,sick,sick. But,at the end,I turned out to be the cynical one.Gee! Ian McEwan trapped me with his “literary decoy”.

In addition,the epilogue exhausted my imagination. I was one of the spectators among the characters. I was shaken and in panic, I was about to pass out since I was faint-hearted. My neck was stiffened by constant craning up in the sky. I screamed. I waved my arms. I ran up among the farmers,making Richard Dawkins’s proponents on selfish genes wrong.I wanted to help. I wanted to hold the loops,but I fell unbreakably as the others who did likewise except the hero-to-be. Whoa! I was like as though traumatized by the tragic fall. Then,having taken a deep breath, I was all set for the next page.

On the other hand,the more I was reading its climax, the more I was getting bored. To put it mindly, it is harrowing. I was sick and tired of the same description and narration. It may be Ian McEwan’s intention. ^^

Furthermore,its ending is banal. I am almost familiar with it. It reminded me of all the movies’,dramas’,and simple stories’ I have watched.

All in all, I LIKED it. I would love to buy his other novels if I luck out of  them in a bookstore.

To understand it more, it might be more thrilling if I watched its movie adaptation in 2008. ^^

Rating: 3/ 5 stars 



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