Ang Batang May Maraming Maraming Bahay by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz: A Book Review

genaroAng batang may maraming maraming bahay. In English, the child who has many houses. Among Genaro Gojo Cruz’s children books, this is one of my favorites. The way he wrote the story is very creative and its concept is very unique. I have not read such kind of plot yet. I was impressed; and above all, I felt how to be such a despair child again. In addition, the cute illustrations struck my fancy more.

The story is about a boy telling his friends a story that he has many houses. He says that he has four kinds of houses his family does have: a little house along the greenish pasture; a stoned castle-like house on the top of a mountain ; a squared blue house afloat the sea; and their little wood house surrounded by high buildings in the forests. Unfortunately, a strong typhoon will cause his family and he,together with his neighbors, to be flooded out and  have to evacuate to a safer place. Consequently, the houses in their area, along with theirs, will be devastated.

Poor little boy, because of the grinding poverty, he draws his pent-up feelings to fabricating his dream houses with a paper.

The story bears close resemblance to the real situation nowadays. Many houses are lost strong typhoons brought about . So the innocence of childhood is awoken to the reality of life in this complicated world.

I would say that it is a good eye-opener to the government. They should try to think like a child again. ^^

It is another children book Gojo Cruz materialized out of his sad past experiences. I remember reading his Connect the Dots  o Kung Paano ko Kinulayan ang Aking Buhay by Genaro Gojo Cruz ( 5 stars ) that when he was still young, they had a decrepit house left behind their modernly-built neighbor’s houses. But Gojo Cruz’s life has changed so far . As far as I know, he has got a new condo as well as a new house and lot now.

Kudos, Mr. Gojo Cruz. I always look up to you. ^^

Rating: 4/ 5 stars ( I really liked it.)



    • Hi, Bob. I’m not sure kung may available na PDFs in the internet. As long as I ‘m concerned, hindi pa hinayaan ng author even his publisher na ma-PDf ito since it is sold in the market. You can buy it 75 pesos lang . ^^


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