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A bad  habit that I find unbreakable is  my  unruly  desire to  drop into the  bookstores on Saturdays when  I can take my sweet time  hunting the books  on my list until I realize that time  gets late although I still want to stay in that place in a little while more.  As I keep on doing it, I tend to mass a large stack  of books that tend to   collect  dust  , for I have not finished  the ones I am still reading.  I am worried that this mania can for sure lead to filling my house with the  books to the rafter.

Since I’ve got my own blog, I take a pleasure in sharing the books I splurge on.

The new books  are included  on the list of  1001 Best Novels of All Time .

1. Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

At last I bought this book. I always hung back whether I had to buy it or not whenever I  spotted it  dirty cheap before , considering that it is  included on my list. I guess   its  simple paperback  is not that appealing as the others’. As a rule, we judge the cover rather than  its content.  Eventually,  when the National Book Store launched its new copies again, I became obsessed   then.  I made  sure that it was one of  the books I  had to dig out at Book Sale  branches .  Fortunately, the universe conspired with me.

2. Man in the Dark by Paul Austere

Paul Austere’s Timbuktu  dropped my jaws. I was fascinated by his writing styles- the story could be simple but absorbing .  Thereafter,  I long to read his other works; I  wonder if he has the same manner of writing.

3. The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

Last year, Philip Roth announced in the news that he had lost his passion for writing. Aware of his immortality among the literati, I searched his works on Goodreads along with their reviews from  the GR community . I was surprised that he is considered as an exceptional writer. No wonder most of his works are rated with between 4 and 5 stars.Frankly speaking, although I enjoy historical novels, the paperback of this novel is intimidating. You know what I meant. I don’t want to get in a conundrum again.

Threesome, but, dear me! I’ve been a ” book fly” since I got a job and discovered Book Sale. It’s gonna be my  deep-rooted habit till  Kingdom come.

A pang of guilt  has been coming over me! (laughs)

Happy Reading to everyone! ^_^



  1. Paul Austere has been one of the authors whose works I’ve been wanting to read. I was wondering if you have a recommendation to which book I should read of his? 🙂

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  2. I have read Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy in 2013. It’s kinda difficult for me then but I still like it and I want to read more from him. I think I have copies of two of his other books including A Man in the Dark. I won’t be reading it yet but I hope you enjoy reading it, then I’ll know if I need to bump it up in my to-read list. Hehe!

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    • The New York Trilogy sounds interesting, but I will take courage to read it one of these days as you’ve said it’s kinda difficult. Not now! gee! Also, I suggest you read Timbuktu once you have its copy. ^^


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