Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket #1) by Roald Dahl: A Book Review

IMG_20150116_225754Upon seeing its movie adaptation, there were two distinctive flavors combined remained in my tongue and caused me to crave its book:

(1) Bitter. I savored Mr. Wonka’s bitter childhood story – how he was motivated to build the best chocolate factory in the world.

(2) Sweet. It was sweet of Charlie Bucket , the hero, not to leave his family despite the big opportunity to be a legatee of Mr. Wonka. However, I was disappointed when these parts are not mentioned in the book. In other words, the original story could have been padded , probably to make it more substantial. Anyway, it is neither here nor there. I still liked it. There are still three reasons it raised a notch.

(a ) I enjoyed its prose- magical. Every sentence was well-written. I believe that it could be a reference or part of studies in English and Literature. Besides, the story is tinged with too much emphasis on comparative degree as well as synonyms of the adjectives.

“ He’s crazy!” they shouted .
“ He’s balmy!”
“ He’s nutty! “
“ He’s screwy!”
“ He’s batty! “
“ He’s dotty!”
“He’s daffy! “
“He’s goofy!”
“He’s beany!”
He’s wacky!”
He’s loony!”

Hahaha! Presto! I loved it! The sentences are lusciously melting in my mouth. Writing such style could be a piece of pie for students.

(b) R. Dahl is witty and ingenious. He used chocolate as the instrument in teaching moral lessons, not only for children but also for parents.

Some critics said that this is not much of a good read for children. Not that I know of ! On the contrary, those critics may not know how to think of like a child anymore. Only genius children-in my opinion- have the apt to do so.
Sometimes we have to bear in mind about what the American psychologist,
Erik Ericson said: “ Try to become a child again.”

At last I have read it. Ready for the BFG! ^^

Rating: 4/ 5 stars


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