The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka: A Book Review

franzWithout the reviews written by my friends on Goodreads as well as the library of information in the internet, particularly in the Wikipedia, I would not have the slightest ideas of what the main story is all about.

The story begins with Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, awoken to finding himself transformed into a human-sized – like beetle. Then, he will become burdensome to his family , for they repulse him.

To value its literary essence, Franz Kakfa may have intended to let readers end up in hanging position as well as not to explain the reasons how Gregor has come into being such an insect. This is the real style of writers; they want to write something that that does not stick to the conventional rules just the like of  Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome ( 1 star ).

On the other hand, on my book as I have mentioned before, the longer I rate a book on Goodreads, the more I am chastened by the fact that I could be subjective or objective. If a book has an emotional impact, palatable to me, definitely, I would give it between 4 and 5 stars, regardless of what styles a writer uses. The epitome of my said standard is Indian writer, Rohinton Mistry’s Fine Balance. (5 stars )^__^

As a reader belonging to the hoi polloi, I found the story consumnate common, for I am exposed to this kind of fantasy on TV or in movies. Thus, the story had no effect on me. If I had lived in Kafka’s time, I would have definitely loved it. In addition, I found some parts ridiculous, granted that it must have been Kafka’s intention. For instance, Gregor’s families are too exaggerated. Besides, the settings and plots seem to be inconsistent as if Kafka had missed something, so I bet that the book appears to be a slapdash piece of work or confusing while reading or finishing it right off the bat. It is just as well Kafka was genius.

By patching the inconsistent parts together ,analytically- that is why I love writing reviews; in the end, I think the reason why Gregor’ s parents appear to be indifferent and reactionary is that Gregor must be mentally ill. He must be delusional.

Therefore, at the end of the story, not just just feeling disappointed, you will choose it is either to believe that Gregor has become a human-sized beetle or he is mentally ill.

Despite being enlightened, I am still abandoning myself to its emotional impacts. Alas, I am not impartial.

Kafka is said to be well-known for writing incomplete stories. Only if Franz Kafka were alive would I tell him, “ Encore! “ Not because I enjoyed it a lot, but wishing he could tell me more about the story. ^^

Rating: 1/ 5 stars


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