Local Books are Now on My List


Definitely, my big, big frustration   since   the day I discovered my penchant for reading books is to buy  not only  new best-selling  international books but also local ones written by award-winning Filipino writers. (Who wants to get stuck  in a time warp? ) I still cannot afford their astronomical prices despite that I’ve got my job , so I just slobber over them  in book stores while thumbing through their  appealing paperbacks.

I rarely splurge on one book when I have enough budgets. Poor old  me!  I could be kleptomaniac for sure. Jeez whiz!  In fact, I could spend 350 pesos , the common price of the books , on more than 7 imported books at  a second-hand book store. At least they are on the list of 1001 Best Novels of All Time. Bitter!

Green with envy , I leave the book stores  chanting yada yada yada  in the  chambers of my mind, hoping   that the pantheistic forces   conspire with me that those books I crave  be on sale.

Eventually, my silent  wish has come true. Recently, when my friend fond of reading Philippine books had told me about the local books the National Book Store branch is selling on sale- it may be  part of its yearly clearance -I marked it on my plan last Saturday. I was aware of that I had to scrimp and save, but  this  desire  had kept on eating me.

1. Bulosan : An Introduction with Selections by E. San Juan , Jr.

If someone asks me what  Filipino classic  he/ she wants  me to  recommend, definitely, so far, Carlos Bulosan’s  America is in the Heart. This  novel  is  based on   his life story as a countryside  boy and eventually as an  immigrant in America    during the  American colonialism. So, his accounts are heart-rending  and inspiring , for Bulosan showed his determination and hope he had showed from being a farmer boy to a writer  despite the travails he had gone through.

Bulosan mentioned in his book the stories and essays  that redounded him to fame. I can read some of them in this book. I can’t wait.  ^^

 2. Jungle of No Mercy : Memoir of Japanese Soldier by Hiroyuki Mizuguchi

I love reading memoirs. When I  found out that it has something to do with a Japanese soldier’s memoir in the Philippines , I remembered my a-la-Lola-Basyang  grandfather who always told us about his juvenile life during  the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. So,this book could be a time machine I could ride back to the past. Yaahaa!

3. The Secret of the Cave and other Stories for Young Readers by Ed Maranan

Its  paperback picture is so intriguing that I was like a child eager to know what the  aboriginal boy draws in the cave wall  all about. I read and rated it with 3 stars. I’m still assimilating  it.^^

4. Danton Remoto’s books

I am now a big fan of Danton Remoto. Before I disliked his ways of publicity in the media  considering that his advocacy is about our rights, but  upon reading his  Gaydar,  there is a method to his  madness after all.

a. Pulotgata: The Love Poems

I want to explore  Remoto’s godsend talents more.  I read and rated it with 4 stars. I’m still assimilating it.^^

b. Bright, Catholic- and Gay

Reading Remoto’s essays on social issues , notably homosexuality in the Philippines is addicting. I am currently reading it now. But I still can’t somehow bring myself to read it  on the bus to work since its  paperback is about two Davids holding hands with  wings flapping. ( Blushing)

c. Gaydar

My friend only  lent me this  , so  I want to have my own copy since  Remoto’s writing skills struck me in awe.

I’m enjoying reading local books now which I , of course,   must do  to show our  nationalism. Actually, my desire to read  books on spirit of  nationalism  has been awoken  since I read Celso  Al.  Carunungan’s Like a Brave Man ( Alas,   I dunno where  on earth it has been . Besides,  Goodreads does not have  its records) ; then, Candy Gourlay’s Tall Story.


There are some  books  in National Book Store  I wish to read  more beyond  exorbitance. As of now , all I have to do is to bind time.

“ When you want something, all the universe conspires…”

-Paolo Coelho-

Happy reading to everyone! ^__^

tall story


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