Noong Nakaraang Taon (Last Year) by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz: A Book Review

lastyearI am more used to reading Genaro R.  Gojo Cruz’s books that are tear-jerkers , but this one is different; it illustrates the Pollyanna attitude.

For sure, even adults who have no longer milk on their lips can relate to this story. A boy filled with excitement tells how he and his grandmother are going to celebrate his 8th birthday. He also tells how they have celebrated his birthdays since he was 2 years old. His grandmother and he went to church. Also,they ate at a fast food restaurant.

The boy grows up with his grandmother while his mother is working abroad. The touching part is that he is going to treat his grandmother with tender loving care since she is now old.

The story reflects in the real situation nowadays that as a rule, grandmothers are the last resort parents turn to for bringing up their children whenever they have to eke out a living far from them. Consequently, children grow closer and more attached to their grandparents. It is typical of the Filipino family values.

Although the boy sounds happy, the story cannot hide the shadows of loneliness and eagerness to meet his parents. That’s why I love Gojo Cruz. His stories make me blink back tears. ^^

Rating: 2/ 5 stars ( It is ok.)


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