Bunsoy by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz: A Book Review

Bunsoy_cover.jpg_2Literally, “ bunsoy” in Filipino means the youngest child or sibling in a family. But the word is also used as a moniker in cuddling the youngest or when a family, particularly parents, pampers him/her. So sometimes, the youngest is said to be the spoiled brat. (But I completely disagree about this stereotype. Every child is special. ^^ )

The story is about a father who seems to be talking to his “bunsoy” in his arms as though he sings him a lullaby. He sweetly tells him that he be kind and patient while growing up, for his parents eke out a living for him.

The story is typical of a father who works abroad expressing his nostalgia for his baby on Facebook.

I felt how the father deeply loves his “bunsoy”. However, I can’t relate to the story. May be I am too old to read such a children book, or I am not the youngest child in the family. Nevertheless, I know how it feels to being lovingly caressed by parents.

Genaro Gojo Gruz is also the youngest child among the siblings. As far as I remember, he once experienced to be the object of his father’s affection despite the fact that his father was consummate indifferent to him.

Rating: 2/ 5 stars ( It’s ok. )


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