Genaro R. Gojo Cruz’s New Children Book

Photo from: Genaro Gojo Cruz’s Facebook account

Genaro R. Gojo Cruz , famous for his best-selling Connecting the Dots: Kung Paano ko Kinulayan ang Aking Buhay, announced on his official Facebook that he will be publishing his new children book, Pwede  Na Po Ba Akong Mag-alaga ng Kuting? in September .  I cannot wait  for it since I have been an avid fan of Genaro. As a matter of fact,  the illustrator of  his said book is the former matinee idol , Hero Angeles.

Although I haven’t read the book yet, we can for sure relate to the story   because it might have something to do with children’s desire to take care of a  kitten- typical of us when we were still young, but as a rule, our parents would be the miscreants for our innocent drama . They always complain that cats could be allergic to us as well as another mouth to feed.  Besides, I would love the story for sure since I am an ailurophile or cat lover.

I have read   some of Genaro’s children books  . I still have been looking for the others, but sometimes they are out of stock. Probably, they must be best-sellers. At this time, I won’t miss the opportunity .

If you  want to read his children books although you are no longer a child, I recommend you read his Connecting the Dots first as I always advise my friends on blog. You can understand why he wrote the stories. But if you want to buy them for your children or  young nephews or nieces, go for it! The books are suitable for the young modern generation.

Here are the books by Genaro Gojo Cruz:

  1. Mahabang-Mahabang-Mahaba ( 4/ 5 stars )
  2. Ang Dyip ni Mang Tomas: Mang Tomas and His Jeep
  3. Ang Malaking Kahon ng Sorpresa
  4. Pitong Angel
  5. Ang Batang May Maraming Maraming Bahay( 4/ 5 stars )
  6. Tolits
  7. Anluwagi( 2/ 5 stars )
  8. Ang Bahaghari
  9. Saling Pusa ( 1 / 5 stars )
  10. Ang Aking Photo Album (3/ 5 stars )
  11. Noong Nakaraang Taon ( 2/ 5 stars )
  12. Ang Asul na Kariton
  13. Malaking Malaking Bahay
  14. Ang Kamisetang Dilaw
  15. Si Nanay Mining at ang Tatlong Kuting
  16. Ang Lumang Parador ni  ni Lola ( 3/ 5 stars )
  17. Bunsoy ( 1/ 5 stars )

Enjoy reading, buddies!


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