Inner Simplicity (100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul) by ST. James Elaine, Elaine James: A Book Review


I want to read this book again and again; I will use it as my contemplative book, for it can help me discipline myself to live with inner peace and joy.I will cherish every page and, at the same time, apply them to my personal life. But I wonder if I could make it to the 93 ways because I found TAPPING INTO( as the author always puts the phrase bluntly )a few utterly ridiculous such as:

# 44 REDUCE YOUR NEED TO BE IN THE KNOW. I think it is still a matter of choice if one wants to be stressed out of keeping oneself posted with current news and events, for we have individual differences. Some people are born to be investigators, or sometimes people may get a thrill out of doing so.

# 59 LAUGH A LOT. Imagine that you fake laughing at yourself for 30 minutes. Uh-oh! I am afraid that I might wind up in delusional state.

# 61 FIND A BOX OF STARS. I tried experimenting this method when I was still in high school; however,doing so is just an example of operant conditioning. It is not a “permanent solution”.We can change the things by how we think of them. We should be more responsible for our decisions.

#84 CRY A LOT. We can cry since it is a normal defense mechanism. However, crying a lot for 30 minutes on your own is beyond the logic of psychology. We are just instilled in a “miseducated culture”.We should break our perception that “boys don’t cry”.

# 85 CONSULT A PSYCHIC. I am sorry but I find this tip laughable.

On the other hand, there are some tips I REALLY have to TAP INTO such as:

#18 SLEEP A LOT. I am a night owl. I love staying up late because of studying my butt off as well as reading my favorite books.

# 40 BREAK YOUR ROUTINE ONCE IN A WHILE. Old die habits die hard.

To achieve the said inner peace of mind and soul, I need , at the very least, rigorous SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Rating : 3/ 5 stars ( I liked it. )


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