Philosophy Books Club


Philosophy   could be a complete no- brainer to  people who have unfathomable thinking, but in my case, it is a head-bashing field   that I could be close to splattering  pavement with my brain just to get at what the schools of thoughts  are trying to drive at. I have to turn over them in my mind repeatedly until I am at my wits’ end. Nevertheless, in the end, when I am in a heuristic moment, it turns out to be  a vicarious pleasure.

Recently, a friend of mine on Goodreads founded  the Philosophy Book Club which intends to encourage intellectual intercourse among its members. The club will set a reading goal  for the whole month , and then next  month , its members will have discussions which will be moderated by the founder himself.

The   book club is interesting  because its members from around the world  regardless of your social status will have the chance to exchange ideas .

The good-hand  reading goal for the month of September is The Republic by Plato.


The members are expected to finish it by the end of the month .

If you have a Goodreads account and are interested to be part of the book club, you can check this site

 Enjoy reading, the philosophers ! I am now keyed up to finish it and engage in the discussion! ^_^


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