11 Books in August 2015

In August, I was not able to surpass the  record-breaking 25 books I read in July 2015. I just read 11 books. Likewise, I did not manage to read the books I have set aside for months. I just read the books whatever I found interesting at my disposal. Consequently, I still have this disturbing pang of guilty feelings. Probably, although  my acquaintances consider me a certified book worm, I still have this desire to accomplish my reading goal as many as 200 books this year. Cheeky on me! I must be mentally disturbed now. ( laughs) Besides, I cannot take my mind off the  puny thought that my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads  gives an indication that I cannot finish a certain book I think of  a complete piece of cake. But not really! My mind must be as whirly as my afro hair  upon getting up in the morning.

Here are the books I read in August 2015 and let me just say some words that best describe them:

  1. The Wounded by Yi Cheung -Jun . ( 4 / 5 stars ) A married man still disturbed by his past encounter with a captive.
  2. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett ( 4/ 5 stars ) Now one of my most favorite books. I love gardening! ^_^
  3. Sa Puso ng Himala by Ricky Lee ( 3/ 5 stars ) It was as phenomenal in one day as soon as I posted  my review of it on my blog as to the movie when it was  in   the cinema in 1982.
  4. Happy na Gay pa by Danton Remoto ( 4/ 5 stars )  Truly, one of the most- awaited books among the LGBT community, notably written by one of the  best contemporary essayists.
  5. Still by your Side by Marjorie Holmes ( 2/ 5 stars ) A book full of intellectualization when someone loses loved ones, especially when you adhere to the belief that God exists.
  6. Mother Theresa: In my own words ( 2 / 5 stars ) Strewn with religious beliefs beyond an atheist’s logic
  7. Lila by Marilynne Robinson ( 3/ 5 stars ) A big accomplishment for its prequel Home. But I suggest you begin Marillynne Robinson’s Gilead.
  8. The Big John : The Life story of John Gokongwei Jr. by Yvette Hernandez  ( 3/ 5 stars ) Read it then you will be inspired by The Big John.
  9. Saling Pusa by Genaro Gojo Cruz ( 1/ 5 stars ) A genuine book but I don’t want to be a  saling pusa.
  10. Deep Blue Night by In-ho Choe ( 4 /5 stars ) I wish I escaped from my past  no more.
  11. Nanay Coring by Yvette Hernandez ( 2/ 5 stars ) An interesting short story about the founder of the biggest book store brand in the Philippines.

TheWounded ateguydanton remoto


Since I tend to swerve off my reading plan , especially I’ve been quite up to my eyes  with my demanding job, I may just read the books  which I hope to  find  a barrel of laughs. Besides, I will absorb myself in The Republic by Plato which is the reading goal  of the Philosophy Books Club I joined recently.  ^^

Happy reading, buddies! ^_^


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