Tall Story by Candy Gourlay: A Book Review

tallThis book is  bittersweet, hilarious, witty, and magical although some parts are sad. I laughed my head off when I read it. Besides,  I could relate to the story because it reflects in the Filipino customs and values, especially I used to be a “provinciano”. I grew out of the folk lifestyles, either in a province or in a modernized city: for examples, illiterate Filipinos speak “barok” English; we still use a plastic beaker or a mosquito net tucked under the edge of a mat; we are mad about playing basketball and we know Michael Jordan; our stereotype about people working abroad is that they may be rich ; we are still instilled in superstitions and black magic despite the fact that we are now living in a modern era, and so on. All about Filipino life!

Tall Story resembles Like A Brave Man by Nelson Carunungan, the first Filipino novel written in English  that I have ever read. The only dissimilarity between them is that the former depicts the life of the Filipinos in an old-fashioned- modern period while the latter is steeped in the life of the Filipinos after WWII.

What I liked about this book is its author, Candy Gourley, a Filipino immigrant in London, married to a foreigner. Despite being miles away from her native country, this first debut of hers shows that she is still proud to be a Filipino. So am I! ^__^

The story centers around Bernardo Carpio, the protagonist, burdened with Gigantism. He is the epitome of an “unsophisticated person in a strange world”. But all the rage for the story is the fact the Philippines is the capital of “Rock and Roll” in the world. In other words, the Philippines belongs to the Pacific Chain of Fire. On the other hand, Candy Gourley did not overlook to paint the real portrait of the dirty politics in the Philippines; for instance, the under –the-table government projects wherein the story, a sports arena has not been built completely yet. Instead, the quality of materials used are poor. Boom!

I am now taking to reading our Filipino writers’ works.^__^
Clap! Clap! Clap!

Rating : 3/ 5 stars ( I liked it. )


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