My Feet Were Not Wet.


My mother and I walked along the sea and decided to walk through the water.  We both looked  up at the sky  and  at the scorching sun on the breath-taking  horizon. We were both just quiet, calm, basking in the beauty of the ambiance. I looked at my mother’s face- bright, clear, fresh, soft, and typical of a nurturing mother.

It took  a little  while before   my mother looked down at my feet. She blurted out.

“ Wait, daughter.  I will buy a pair of socks. Your feet must be wet.”

My mother   walked in a hurry off   the seashore. I looked down at my feet. To my astonishment, they were not wet at all. My mother might have been in a state of hallucination.

The sun  seemed to be at its fast pace for  the noon . Its rays started to sting in my skin. It had been a few minutes. But mother had not arrived yet. I could not catch   any glimpse of her physical presence that should have been looming over the   white sand. Then, I jumped to my feet   hearing the trumpeting roar of a ship .

“Booop!Booop! Booop!”

I looked   out across the   vastly stretched  sea. My hair stood on end. It was a gigantic ship, similar to the giant ship  in a famous  movie. Its long haul and   monumental bow   cut the indivisible sea forming tsunami wakes, running at high speed ,  looked like  bearing down upon the shore — upon me.  I was confused, speech-tied. I did not know what was going on in there. I just understood that the ship  was about to bring  me up away from the place. Its   imperious bow seemed to be a big threat, like the overcast sky , about to darken  the ground where I had been standing for minutes on end.

I stepped backward, trembling in my boots.  “ Where is mom?”, muttering under my breath , cold sweat burst into my forehead.  Worried.  Nervous.  Confused.  As if I wanted to cry.

Out of nowhere , I heard some heavy stomps coming from someone. I turned at the other side where my mom had walked .  I saw someone blurry , waving his hand. It was my brother, calling to me, seemed to have been saying something for me to hear. I waited for him until he managed to come up to where I had been wading  through like a pelican catching something eatable , beneath the saturated sand. He   slouched ; he had used up all his physical  power, gasping for air, trying to say something to me . I saw his hand giving me something. It was a pair of the socks my mom had promised.

“  Mother said that I  have to give it to you. “ .

He was still   panting for breath, trying to suck in   the air.

“She jumped to her feet  upon hearing  the  blare of the ship, so she got me to  catch upon you . She is still walking off the miles. “

My mother was too frail to walk as fast as my brother. The ship had come to a halt aground. I could not see any one up on there- just the captain himself,  in his angelic   uniform but with authoritative composure. I looked over my brother’s shoulder, hoping to catch the glimpse of my frail mother, hoping that she could make it.

“ Mother!” , whispering in platitude to someone up there in the sky.

I had no choice but to get aboard. I stood   on the main  terrace  looking out  down on  my brother . Then, I saw my mother trudging  up behind him. She was waving at me. My brother supported her. They both waved at me, standing abreast.

“Good bye, take care of yourself!” My mother tried to shout  .

I also did the same way, “ Good-bye, mother!!! Good-bye, brother!!!”, waving at them as the ship was moving off the shore. I felt the warm tears flowing down my cheeks.

The ship moved and moved and moved farther off the shore. I could see them no more. Then, I remembered what had happened.

Why were my feet not wet?

I awoke to it. Full  of beads of  cold sweat in my forehead.

Why were my feet not wet?




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