Wasted by Gerry Alanguilan: A Book Review


“Why are you doing this  to us? “, said the bride  held hostage by Eric, along with her groom inside the car.

“ Why ? Because I hate you.

I hate weddings. I hate flowers.  I hate dashing grooms and  blushing brides.

I hate birthdays and cakes, candies, choc-nut bars and pin the tail on the donkey games. I hate spaghetti.

I hate Christmas and Christmas songs.

I hate cupid. I hate red hearts and red shirts and red shoes.

I hate ninja turtles and Archie and the little mermaid and beauty and the beast. I hate Sleepless in Seattle and Forest Gump.I hate Garfield and Snoopy and Ziggy, Mickey Mouse , Goofy and Donald Duck, Sesame Street and Jollibee Mascots.

I hate walks in the park, dates, and beach outings. I hate Michael Bolton and Whitney Houston and Ariel Rivera songs. They sing about Love…about SACRIFICE…yet they don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about.

I HATE roller coaster rides, double movie seats, motels and strawberry flavored condoms. I HATE  smiles and kisses, whispered sweet nothings, hands held tight, embraces and sex.

I HATE joy!

I HATE laughter!



And I HATE you because you are HAPPY.

And I am not.”

Which of those things  in the lines above  you HATE most?

If you are a sensible person- let us say a pragmatic person- you might find the lines above  “corny” or  OA ( overacting) . Eric, the man in the story, is almost exaggerated. He almost hates the world. He even involves  the people like Ariel Rivera and Michael Bolton and inanimate things who have nothing to do with his “pathetic” life. Probably, you  might say that you feel like knocking the living daylight of him. Well, I cannot blame you if you have no background in psychology. If you do, probably, you do not apply it to your understanding the people just the like of Eric. (snickering) Do I sound affected? Not that! I just want to sympathize with Eric; I am a student of  Psychology. @_@

Eric , a musician, is  broken-hearted. He cannot accept the fact that his girlfriend, Jenny, breaks up with him, for she finds another man. For Eric, Jenny is the only woman he will love forever. He believes that Jenny thinks the same way. They both promise to stay together, to have a happy family once they tie the knot. In the end, all his dreams turn out to be a castle in the air. Eventually, he becomes extremely obsessed about her. He has manic depression ( based on my psychological analysis). He becomes ill-tempered and   psychopath at the same time. He projects his anger to the people around him. Probably, he has high degree of paranoia and hallucination.  He even becomes a misanthropist. No wonder the lines above on how he hates the world around him perfectly bespeak   his internal thinking. Therefore, he becomes a sociopath.

In other perspective, I therefore believe that Eric is an epitome of an idealistic and “Emo” person.  A person is said to be idealistic when he or she wants to live according to his/ her own standard far from the realistic universe. Actually, the idea is associated with the utopian feelings.

 Emo , on the other hand, is a slang for being extremely emotional referring to people   who are usually said to be unable to deal with realistic situations befall them. Usually, most of  “Emos” are said to be   broken-hearted.  As a matter of fact, the word Emo is a style of rock music characterized by expressive, often confessional, lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C., where it was known as “emotional hardcore” or “emocore” and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace. * In this generation, it is now the stereotype that when someone has this rock-style outfit , he/ she may be an Emo.( I don’t think so.)

Upon reading this, I could subjectively conclude that an emo or an idealistic person could/ may be

  1. prone to depression
  2. a misanthropist
  3. a misogynist
  4. suicidal
  5. psychopathic
  6. a major offender.
  7. a man with higher degree of paranoia and hallucination.

I have watched  dramas and movies with such  common theme  on the idealistic revenge of a man dumped by his girlfriend. However, I believe that  Gerry’s  story is original. In fact, Gerry wrote it in the 1990’s. Or Gerry may have  drawn the impression from the other books written in the 1980’s. Who knows?  But  I  surmise that the story could reflect in his personality. ( Who am I to judge him? )

Another  good thing about the comic book  is that it deals not just with  the love story of a psychopath but also with the socio-political aspects. Obviously, there are some parts Eric projects  his grievances to the government and society. Therefore, you may conclude that what centers around the story is  the pursuit of JUSTICE.

I usually enjoy reading animation comics just the like of Doraemon written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio, but when I joined The Graphic Novel Club on Goodreads,  I came to the realization that comics are not different from other books. They could  have sense-All books have sense! The best examples are Gerry Alanguilan’s.

Dear me, forgive my ignorance. Little did I know that there is such a world-class comics writer and illustrator just the like of Gerry Alanguilan. Hmmm… Hooray! I am gonna hunt his Elmer, Rodski Patotski: ang Dalagang Baby, and Underpass: A Summit Media Graphic Anthology.


Rating: 5/ 5 stars ( It’s amazing!)


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