My Top 13 Books In October 2015

Let me play. At this time, I will rank the books  I read within the month of October  based on my subjective judgment. No need a rubric  system.  My ranking  depends on the impact of the book  upon me as a voracious reader. My rating  following   Goodreads’s systems can still be applicable.

So , here are my top 13 books in October  with my brief  insights into  them :

  1. wastedblog__97037_07e64de2-de48-4b14-ad47-79826a0475cc_grandeWasted by Jerry Alanguilan ( 5/ 5 stars )
“  Its themes are  heart-trending and idealistic, but they can happen in real life. Also, I liked the illustrations.”


  1. A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela ( 4/ 5 stars )
“  Mandela taught  me the real meaning of JUSTICE.”


  1. The Martian by Andy Weir ( 4/ 5 stars )
“  We should  teach ourselves to  be scientists  .”

  1. Thinking by John Brockman ( 3/ 5 stars )
“  Life is so complicated that  I even wanted to beat my head against a wall.”

  1. The Egg by Andy Weir ( 3/ 5 stars )
“ Life comes  from an egg”


  1. Diary ng Pangit by HaveYoueSeenThisGirl ( 3/ 5 stars )
“ We can all be ugly in some aspects. You may not be aware of that.”


  1. Peregrine’s House for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs ( 3/ 5 stars )
“ Words are not enough to scare the living day out of me. I am a visual learner.”

  1. Ang Mahiyaing Manok by Rebecca T. Anonuevo ( 3 / 5 stars )
“Timidity is an illusion.”

  1. The Nichomachean Ethics by Aristotle ( 3/5 stars )
“ Psychology is the begotten son of Philosophy. Gocha!”


  1. Every day by David Levithan ( 2/ 5 stars )
“ I wish I were in  the body of  the famous Filipino fashion designer, Francis Libiran. :P”

  1. Alamat ng Ampalaya by Augie Rivera ( 2/ 5 stars )
“  You taste bitter if you are jealous of  others.”

  1. Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata ( 1/ 5 stars )
“ I wish there was snow in the Philippines. I could meet my soul mate. ”


  1. Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav ( 1/ 5 stars )
Love is like a book. :P

Whoa, tempus fugit!  I can’t believe that it is November now. How many days left before the most- celebrated shindig ?

My plan  is to complete my reading goal on Goodreads by December. Unfortunately, I predict that I  can’t make it to 200; rather, to 150   books. I want to spend my time in December, aside from reading the other books left  on my table, writing the reviews of the books I have finished and backlogged since January. Besides, I’ll be busy with my  teaching again.

Within this month, I hope to read  more than 13 books. ^_^

Happy reading, buddies! ^__^



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