A Giveaway On My List

A book came all the way from the U.K. Yippee! Thanks to the author. It is a dubious honor to read and review his first novel.




The  genre of the novel is fantasy. What I liked about it is its  cover- mystically enchanting.

Here is the description of the book on Goodreads:


A series written for those who enjoy discovering a world,
its mythos, characters, and story threads both big and small,
come together over multiple books.


In the scorched lands of the Maharaan lives a dark-skinned girl soon to become a woman.
Capable and strong, confident and caring;
all she has known is peace, all she has known is purpose.
All she will bring:

On the icy plains, beyond the Gadori forests, lies a dead boy.
Forgotten by the world and himself,
he is about to be given the hardest challenge of all:

In the center of Kasmah one sits above all, the Integra Divinitas.
Beyond the trappings of the common, bound to mankind by responsibility.
A burden that, should any Divinitas fail, could bring the worst fate of all:

All promises must be fulfilled.

For Kasmah… will grow.


Although there are still some books in line I have to keep up with before the year ends, I cannot resist the excitement and temptation to   bury myself in it.

Happy reading, buddies! 🙂



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