Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables #1) by L.M. Montgomery: A Book Review

12959529_10206307364744801_1558231329_oI was just a plain simple-minded student, ignorant of the things existed around me; I did not understand why I was in school . Day by day, I began to understand that I was there to study because someone was teaching us how to count 1, 2, 3 and how to read A,B,C . But still I sat there with my mouth agape, wondering why I had to study, staring at my other classmates how come they were so good at answering the questions traded by our teachers, why they were at the top of the class and  lauded by a faculty of teachers and a circle of unknown friends. I even thought then that my presence with my classmates inside the classroom was enough to complete the day. Eventually, I realized that I had to read , memorize, and partake in the class. Otherwise, I would have been ridiculed by the haughty students and abominated by the self-proclaimed highly educated teachers who ostentatiously displayed their credentials. In the end, I had  discovered what I really was in the eyes of the society:  I was an average student or less than that after all. Overtime, laced with the concept of the educational system, I tried to explore the uncharted territory of  how to develop myself intellectually. I tried to read, but it happened that way. I just wanted to read whatever reads at my disposal. When I got tired of the same books, I would borrow my friends’ or visit anyone I was acquainted with whose house was furnished with bookshelves. I would stay in their houses the whole afternoon after my school, rain or shine. However, despite my full effort, I still did not know then how to study nor write an essay efficiently. Fortunately, at that time, some Philippine TV stations capitalized on broadcasting Japanese animations. One of them was the adaptation for Anne of Green Gables. You know what happened? You might call me shallow or puerile then, but I don’t mind. In light of this animation, I decided to help myself on how I should be a good student. I tried to do the tricks as what Anne Shirley does, and which my bright classmates may have done scrupulously. I had to read the books in advance and commit their contents to my memory. Consequently, I could keep up with my classmates after all. I could answer my teachers’ questions because I had studied them. Thanks to the sympathetic character of Anne Shirley. My study tactic then was Anne-of-the-Green-Gables Approach.(laughs)

Anne of Green of Gables is a beautiful story. Through the character of Anne Shirley, the loquacious orphan who happened to be adopted by Mr.and Ms.Cuthbert, either young or adult  readers  can learn a great deal of things about life. Not that you will become as talkative as she is. Not that you will become as exaggerated and hyperbolic as she is , for she always imagines  everything around in different perspectives. As you know her favorite philosophy is, “ There is scope  for imagination.”  And not that you will learn not to be content with your physical appearances ,for she hates herself like her name  being spelled Ann without e,  her sharp elbows, freckled face , and  “carrot hair” as  her future husband Gilbert Blythe puts it. Not that you will be as clumsy as she is, for she has done many mistakes. Not that you will be as cowardly and pessimistic as she is, for she cannot face the reality of life.

Instead, Anne Shirley , during my feminine teenage,  taught me how to break the old tradition when children had to hold their tongues. There is nothing wrong if you reason out as long as you do it politely. However, applying it directly to my parents did not work; they were sticks-in-the-mud and the avatars of old traditions.  (laughs) In addition, Anne Shirley taught me to appreciate all the beautiful things in the world. When I look at a tree, it is not just the idea of the fact that it is a tree, but its state of being a tree. When I see a lake with its sparkling reflection, I don’t just describe it beautiful, but in its degree of beauty. When I wake up in the morning, I do not just think of its real existence as it usually happens every day; instead, I feel its connection to my existence. Can I just call her Monet-ian? ( giggles) However, it is sad to say that we are now living in a revolutionary era when the old patterns of beauty are overlapping with the beauty of technology. We can no longer distinguish what is beautiful in our environment.

Anne Shirley was one of the   influential   literary characters in my teenage life. Her character as an eager and enthusiastic learner proves that everyone, no matter how average your IQ is , can be a bright student if you are motivated to teach yourself. So, it has been my philosophy in education that all students have the potential to excel in any academic subjects. Everyone is special. It is just a matter of perseverance. However, in the context of psychology, it cannot happen without the ensuing moral support of the significant others.

As a matter of fact, Anne Shirley taught me to be no slouch when it comes to writing an essay in English. I was not confident enough about it yet. I tried to write and write in my own style despite my limited English vocabulary. I was even weaned on her quixotic style of poetry.

Another thing that I will not forget about this animation is its sentimental  theme. Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert, both sister and brother who  have been stuck in a time warp, will be emotionally transmogrified by Anne’s  delightful presence at the Green Gables. Ms. Cuthbert is known for being a stickler for her lifestyle while Mathew,a shy old man who seems to have never been used to socialization. Anne Shirley is the iconoclast in an idyllic  place that has left behind the modern era.

Finally, as what we teenagers who watched its Japanese adaptation  in the 1990’s, all the rage to the story is the intimate friendship between Anne and Diana  Barry and the suppressed but irresistible promising  romance  between Anne and Gilbert Blight.

Aside from its themes, what I liked about the book more is its well-written prose. All the sentences of how the author describes, narrates the story  are  perfectly matched with Anne Shirley’s exaggerated characters. I tend to cringe at the author’s intention, but it makes sense. Probably, L.M Montgomery   represents Anne Shirley because , apparently, she based this novel on her said rural life experience.

Whenever my college friend and I dropped into a second-hand bookstore before, the first thing she would ask the cashier about was  its sequels. She would not buy anything except this because she wanted to finish all the series first. So, after reading it, I understand now why she is so fond of it.  Now, it is my turn to do the same way. In fact, I have still been looking for them:Anne of Avonlea #2, Anne of the Island #3, Anne of Windy Poplars #4, Anne’s House of Dreams #5, Anne of Ingleside #6, Rainbow Valley #7, Rilla of Ingleside #8

When I have finished them all, for sure, I could join The Anne of the Green Gables Club out there. Could you let me in? 🙂

Rating: 5/ 5 stars ( It’s amazing.)


My Blog’s First Anniversary

12899698_10206279183280282_1556658901_nLet me go moonstruck today by imagining that I wanted to hit a peak of a mountain  on where I could crow  to the world that last  March 30 was my blog’s first anniversary.

“I’ve got my first anniversary!!!! anniversary!!!anniversary!! anniversary!!!”

“Yahoo!!! Yahoo!!! Yahoo!!! “

Then,I would jump in ecstasy unknowing that I might  be teetering on the edge of the  peak. Yay! I might break my neck.

Hahaha! What a goofy man I am!

If it had not been for my best friend’s rankling encouragement, it  would not have reached as long as this year. She had rubbed it in me to the point that I would hold her by the scruff of her neck, and retort,” I am a technologically ignoramus, duh!” But my best friend was so persistent, unflagging that  I stooped to her obdurate suggestion. In the end, I mustered up enough courage and confidence to break out of this irresistible urge. Thanks to my bosom friend!

So far, I have posted  147 articles. Then, my blog  has had more than  ten thousand views. Not that bad.I am deeply honored to be  visited by different readers.

Most of the pages liked are Ang Batang May Maraming Maraming Bahay by Genaro R. Gojo CruzStupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor Santiago Father Solo and Other Stories for Adults Only by Isagani R. Cruz,A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball : by Cho Se-Hui, and Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Recently, I have not yet posted any articles since February of this year. What a shame! I admit that I have been involved in the world of  hedonism and Epicurean. I did try to  get off the Ivory Tower  and  climbed a 167 -feet – above- sea-level  mountain somewhere in the Philippines. There, on the rocky peak,  I  had a breathtaking and spectacular view of the  other mountains, and  figuratively realized that  there are many ranges of mountains I have to climb more. Another reason is that I have been hooked on a new gadget I bought lately. I explored it until I got so stuck in it that I wasted a lot of time. But in the end, I want to be a Luddite after all. Reading is more interesting and productive. Nevertheless, I found out that there is another field that I want to get into-  photography. 🙂

In this April, I am now anxious to start reading more books however hectic my schedule is , and at the same time , I will review the books I have  backlogged. I hope to write my reviews of The Case of Easter by Lee Strobel which is supposed to be for last  Easter Day, Anne of Green Gables by L. M Montgomery, The Sea by John Banville, and The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough by Anne E. Schwartz, a story about American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Aside from my book reviews,  I also hope to share some short stories I have been trying to finish which are the reasons why I am now motivated to be back to the world of literature. Besides, my blog will not just deal with books but also with some social issues and lifestyles . Because after my experience in hiking, I have realized that there are some things in the world more than books that I should  write about.

The summer in the Philippine has come on, but my feeling  now  is just the like of those plants in spring; I am turning over  new leaves after my long hibernation,  and am now cheerful to sway myself in the air  that here I am,fresh,  full of spirit , interest, and hope.

Happy Reading to everyone! 🙂