Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling: A Book Review

A million thanks to my Santa Claus from the US 🙂

This may be a revelation to my Santa Claus who gifted me with it: I am not a certified fan of HP series. I could   have been  when it was initially released in 1997 or  adapted for a movie in 2001. I could have been one of those fanatics  burgeoned  around the world  mimicking  covens of wizards , waving our replicas of  magic wands while enchanting  the magic spells we memorize by heart, ostentatiously displaying our   black garbs  riding our brooms, or puzzled by how we should use the other magical objects.  But I never  am! Perhaps, I was mesmerized by my best friend ‘s  bewitching addiction to it. Whenever she grumbled about it  and shrieked in disappointment  or excitement without any ideas of her idiosyncrasy, a sparkle of curiosity  would linger in my mind. Whenever   she  was a spoiler  since I was not interested in it at all, I would not brush off the idea that it could be a good read. So, I made it!!! I read book 1, 2, and 3 even their movie series. As a matter of fact, I just borrowed them from her given that I was almost so kleptomaniac to claim them as mine. Thereafter, I quit keeping up with all the series; my urge to be part of the covens of wizards in Hogwarts caved in. I let myself be part of the “Muggle”, denied of the right  to be wriggled under  the Sorting Hat.

When  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released last year, I was one of those bookworms who pretended to be interested in it.  I was, but I threw doubt on it ;I was aware of the fact that I was a “Muggle “ . In fact, I even broke the news pell-mell to my friends on Facebook with my screenshot   from Goodreads as if I were such a certified HP fanatic.  Well, I was still excited I could hardly contain myself.

Since I could not afford  its price, I accidentally searched its free pdf on VK, one of the largest European online social networking services based in Russia.

The first questions that had bothered me before reading it were:

  • Can I understand the whole story although I have not read nor watched all the series yet?
  • Is it a sequel or prequel for the first Harry Potter series?
  • How does it differ from novelization since it is a screenplay?

Surprisingly speaking, I could totally relate to the whole story   because   I happened to read the first series and watch  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I swear that from the beginning to the ending, I committed the scenes and acts  to my memory. I can even recite it in a nutshell   now   if you ask me what the dickens this book is all about! But don’t expect me to do so with a photographic memory. I was not born to be a precocious child. (laughs) I did so when I ate lunch with my friend who is also a big fan of HP. I could not believe   my ears what I was telling him about. Voilà! The most interesting is that even the magical objects namedropped  are still fresh in my memory despite that I searched them on Google to beef up their imaginary pictures. Now, the question is : Would you still understand it if you have not read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yet?

The first comment   that had instilled in me when it was such a fever in the market was it was the prequel for the first Harry Potter series. I had been conditioned with this idea before I finally gave it  a hand. The revelation? It is a big NAH! I was fooled! I was made believed! I was disappointed! I was spoon-fed! What a shame! As the story went deeper, the feeling was like  knocking  the living daylights out of my gullibility. So, I dreaded reading the next stories to happen. I worried that I might not be able to understand it since I have not read all the series yet. But good grief! Thanks graciousness! The Harry Potter and The Goblin of Fire was my savior! Now, the next question is: Which one is supposed to be better, it were a prequel or sequel?

When The Harry Potter fanatics found out that   the book  turned out to be a screenplay, they  miffed.They may have not been used to reading Harry Potter series in a screenplay. They may have thought that they would not enjoy it; novelizing a story has a kaleidoscope of literary elements. Well, count me in them! Nevertheless, it is not that bad. Reading it is so light! You could finish it for one day. Believe you me! Alas, I read it for a week because my job steals my valuable reading time. Now my verdict: It could be more exciting if it had been novelized.

As far  as I remember, I quit reading fantasy books when I started studying psychology. My major taught me  that everything in the world happens for a logic . Then, I no longer believed in magic. For me then, fantasy could be contrary to the Natural Laws of the Universe. Rather, the only books I read were based on scientific and philosophical   discussions. However, when I was tempted to read the first Harry Potter series, I slid back to my childhood  , fascinated with all the mysteries in the universe. Such reaction must be the initial effect when anybody, regardless of age and religion, tends to get hooked on it. My co-teacher left behind The Harry Potter  can bear witness to this ; recently, he has watched its movie series and now he is playing  like a child imitating the wizards of the Hogwarts , casting a spell ,whatever comes to his mind, on whomever he meets by chance , just for fun! ^_^

Now I wish to read  all the series in 2017.( crossing fingers)

Rating: 3/ 5 stars ( I liked it.)


I am a Bookish Survivor

For the first time, I have felt that I’m not a reading machine at all; I am human. I may just have a bionic penchant for reading. I am not as callous as the blisters  on my feet. I can be in a lot of pain. I can draw my attention to other things more than to books. I am vulnerable to human’s little foibles, specifically love. Aha! Yes, love! (laughs) Furthermore,I can scarcely run away from the reality that I have created  to live in and that has taken possession of me for a long time- my tendency to be off my rocker. And so, I was abandoned to these delusional states of mind in that I was negligent in my bookish duty, failed to read as many as 100 books as though I had been given a pledge to do so . But now I am standing up with a determined chin , full of hopes, burning desire to turn over a new leaf, and optimistic about my life, and proud to say that I  survived year 2016, and it made a  big difference to me.

First, I broke  the pachyderm wall that I had built for many years, apart from the social animals. I came out of my shell where I holed up in and kept everything to myself as though I was such a misanthrope that books were just my friends. Also,I am not that a consummate nerd any longer like a hermit who could not stand  the dredge of society. Likewise, I don’t look like a backward person falling behind the current trends . In fact,I couldn’t be a butt of tease any longer  that I smell like an old codger.(laughs) I love myself now more  than before. Gee whiz! I am turning to narcissism; I  tend to be foppish nowadays.

Secondly, I always try to take everything easy out. I am no longer a person who can be called “negastar” as if it was the end of the world when I could not  hammer out a complicated situation. I am now trying to be positive under any circumstances like what I used to be when I was still  fully inculcated in  the pragmatic principles of social sciences. I miss the old “me” , the independent, levelheaded “me”.

Most importantly,I learned to keep my feet on the ground. After all, I  turn out to be one of the miserable  nitwits in the universe. I realized that aside from family, the first thing that I have to consider establishing in my 30’s is cherishing the people I can still consider my (real ) friends. Happiness is not just all about intellectual Olympics. Thomas Merton is right. No man is an island.

As of now, I am trying to fit myself in any circles of people , from different walks of life. I brush off the Filipino cultural stereotype of “plasticism” or ” caha-de-oro syndrome“. Rather, I should engrave  the heap-coals-of-fire-on-his-head virtue  in my molted mind. Rather, all I want is to do the things that will make me happy.

Finally, although I failed to do my reading goal last year, I realized that I have this bookish leanings after all. What I feel now is I am gung-ho about the books I have hidden for many months, the books I  splurged on  given that I was almost financially embarrassed, but I still am. (laughs)

In 2017, I plan to finish the books on  my currently-reading list on Goodreads, particularly the one given to me by the writer himself,  I have knocked around  and now  garnished with dust bunnies.In fact, I miss reading more than 20 books in a month like what I did in 2015. I was such a  bloody monster at that time.

So far,  I have  read three books:  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Matilda by Roald Dahl, and Falling into the Manhole by Jack S. Wigley.

I have still been musing over my  reviews of them. I hope I am able to post any of them next week.

A million thanks to my brilliant Santa Claus  who came all the way from the US for these long-awaited books  🙂

Belated Happy New Year folks!!! 🙂