Santa Claus and Another Iain Banks’ Imaginary Work


Although there are still lots of books I want to keep up with, especially I am financially pathetic, I still can’t  hold back my insatiable desire to check the  new stocks of books in a book store which sells cheap local and imported books.  Books are my life. The books I have collected are my pride  and joy, my cherished possessions. I wish there  were such a job that  I would be paid for  reading  a book I would write my thoughts  of …of…of… I wish there  were such a job that I would be paid for reading  a book I would write my thoughts  of …of…of..I wish there  were such a job that I would be paid for reading  a book I would write my thoughts  of …of…of..( echoes) I wish the Universe  were conspiring with my wishful thinking.

The new books on my list – actually , I wanted to buy four books, but I considered  the imminent financial  perils – are The Wasp Factory  by Iain Banks– I am really addicted to his works- and The Autobiography  of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn.

The Wasp Factory  by Iain  Banks is included  on 1001-Best-Novels-You-Must-Read-Before-You-Die list. It’s  been my goal to read all the books on the list, so I don’t  need to hang back whenever I see any of those books on the list unless they are still in pristine condition. Yeah, I wish to read those  books before I depart the world, and I am still working my way to them.

The novel  catapulted  Iain Banks to fame. It is said that its eccentric concept caused him to cook up new ideas only  he was famous  for. Although I have set which books I should read by the end of the year, I would really  love to give it a try. I want to take advantage  of this galvanic effect electrifying throughout my whole body  to speed up my interest in reading.

I am planning to read  The Autobiography  of Santa Claus on  the long Christmas  holiday. Fortunately, it is weekend here in the Philippines. I can imagine myself now that I would be like a Scrooge  in The Christmas Carol absorbed in it, perched on our bamboo  chair . I would just  be dead to the world busy painting itself  red. I would just be turning deaf to the  warm greetings of my family and God children. Aha, I would simply  paint a portrait  of a Stoic.

I don’t  believe  in Christmas anymore after I announced here on my blog three years ago that I am an avowed atheist . If I give  gifts to my loved ones, I do it for the sake of ” pakikisama” and showing respect to their happiness.

I want to read this book because I  want to know all the history behind famous  people’s numinous faces in public just the like of Santa Claus. Santa Claus has been a positive  persona for Christians, especially  for children whose logical reasoning is still underdeveloped. I admit  that  I was one of those adult now  who was once  deceptively inculcated in his Godly existence. Aha, I am now excited who Santa Claus was.

Thirty two days left. I failed  to have read as many as 100 books within this year. I was busy pulling an all-nighter for the Korean  language. At the same time,  I was swerved off to the other  direction  where  I turned  into a life I should have experienced  in my  20’s. But, I don’t want to live full of remorse; the memories I have  shared  with are as worth  accomplishing as finishing an ambitious and voluminous book. So, no matter what the universe is in store for me, I will still hold on to my bibliophilic  leanings.  🙂




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