New Projects on my Blog in 2018

Some of the books I want to read and re-read.

I have been into blogging for more or less three years, and I am glad that I have still been able to update it despite my idling life. I was inspired to do it then by a friend of mine I met on Goodreads. All I have wanted since then is to review all the books I have read given that I am still amateurish when it comes to effective writing. But, well, grinding my writing skills is the root of that libidinal desire. Before long, I even wanted to review movie adaptations and movies that I wish to be adapted for books. Most importantly, my personal blog has become the outlet for the stories I have written, and I will write some time in the future.

Aside from my personal new year’s resolutions as what everybody does par for the course, I will also have some for my blog. In fact, I have been so eager to lay then down here hoping that they will pan out no matter how complicated my universe will be.

1.Movie Reviews

One of the reasons why I review movies is because I also wish them to be adapted for books. When I find a movie impressive- a movie that gives a great impact on me – I believe that it is more interesting if it is novelized. Books have more details than movies; we can understand the deeper meaning of the story unlike when we first watch the movie after reading the book, we tend to be disappointed. That’s why I am no longer that kind of reader; I don’t give a hoot about breaking that rule now. As a matter of fact, what I wish to review are the movies that became famous long time ago, for I never had the good chance to watch them.

I am now excited to do it because I watched five movies during the long new-year-celebration holiday last year.

2.Re-reading Books

I am a type of reader who reads a book once. I am not in the habit of reading the same book several times because of its atomic-bomb impact. I am deluded into the notion that I run short for time since we don’t know when the universe conspires with Jack the Reaper. Gee! I feel like being in a big hurry for the books I have not read yet. Rather, I hope that I will read those my favorite books when I am too old to keep up with the latest best-sellers, when all I would love to do is to cast my mind back to the stories in different dimensions of life and time I have traveled ,through the magical imaginations created by prominent writers. So, starting this year, I will read one of the books I consider my favorite once a month. In fact, I have brought them out and laid them on a chair in my room with a note: TO RE-READ. PLEASE, HANDS OFF. I am so excited to choose which one among them I want to start with for the month of January and review it, for I have not done so since I joined Goodreads.

My favorite books I sorted out , and I am going to re-read. 🙂

3.Reading the latest best-sellers

You might find it completely ridiculous, but it is. I am just a bookish beggar who is always envious of readers who can afford the latest books. I only have the chance to get one when I can no longer contain myself. So, it is a torment for me that I have to save and scrimp on the books I want when I go window shopping in book stores. Nevertheless, I have come to realize that buying an expensive book is likened to an expensive but unnecessary thing. In short, I have to be practical for the sake of my guilty pleasure. If I do it, I am pretty sure that I would be in a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too mode because I would select which among best-sellers as Book of the Month. I guess I can turn to Goodreads for which has gained the most favorable feedback.

4.Writing stories

This is what I have wanted and hoped to do because there are now quite a few drafts of stories I want to be materialized. As a matter of fact, I have set my mind that I will focus on finalizing the novel I have been working on for ages. So, what happens is that I am now learning to feel like a writer commissioned for a project. Sounds bombastic? I think so. I have told you several times: I am like an internee on this blog to improve my writing skills.

5. Any topic under the sun

My blog is not only for books, movies, and stories but also for any articles relevant to anything I am interested in. So, please, bear with them. 🙂

Filled with remorse, I failed my Goodreads challenge last year. The main culprits were my absorption in studying the Korean language and the effects of my infatuation which I still have not been able to get out of my system. (laughs) I guess, even up to now, I have still been afflicted with that moment of madness. Do I still have to rub it in?

Despite that rude awakening, I am glad that my life in 2017 was full of lessons that helped me grow up as what my typical mantra I always mumble to myself when I commit mistakes in my life: Life is a matter of moral choice. 🙂

So, this year , I am sure that I am going to channel most of my energy into doing those new projects above.

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂



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