Bakit Single Pa Rin Ang Teacher Mo?

(c) Genaro Gojo Cruz’s FB account

I am now excited about the new book my favorite Filipino writer,Genaro R. Gojo Cruz, will be launching within this year.

The title of his another masterwork is BAKIT SINGLE PA RIN ANG TEACHER MO? ( Why is your Teacher still Single?)

I can’t give you a rough idea of what the book deals with all about. The title suggests that it has something to do with being a single teacher since the writer is an eligible or confirmed  bachelor in real life, who appears to be bitter about his social status. Not that I know of , but I am one of his avid followers, aside from his students , on his personal Facebook account.There are times that he drops  mawkish hints about how much he wants to find someone to be with in his middle-aged life. Actually, I don’t take it for granted that he is being desperate; those hints make me go moonstruck! (laughs)

The book also suggests that it is a reference since this is the genre indicated on the back cover. Also on the same cover he gave some  samples of ‘hugot’ analogies between love and school subjects. So, I am now curious to know the relevance of the title to its genre.

(c) Genaro Gojo Cruz’s FB account

Whatever the book is, I am very sure that it is going to be a best -seller as what happened to his other works.

There is no specific date yet when he is going to launch his book. In his announcement recently, he invited all the teachers, single or married,  to be present at the event.

I wish to attend it because I am also a single teacher who has come to prove lately what some of my male friends claimed that turning to your 30s is like an empty pot – you gotta do something intimate to fill it with. (laughs)

I have been a paparazzi-like fan of Genaro R. Gojo Cruz since I was touched by his essay novel,Connect the Dots o Kung Paano Ko Kinulayan ang Aking Buhay .  I always suggest anyone interested in his children books  read this  first  because  they will understand why his children books appear to be so deep. Besides, you will find  how humble, simple, and adorable he turns out to be.  🙂

Since the writer’s nephew is my friend, I will find an opportunity to meet him in person.( giggles) Abangan! 😍

Let’s support our very own Filipino writer! 🙂



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