I am Greatly Enamored of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Leonardo DiCaprio may have captivated me when I first watched him in Titanic. He was still young, typical of a handsome American who did not have to be as burly as other hunk celebrities in his generation. He had sharp , dazzling and tantalizing eyes, quite a small head , a Roman nose, and kissable droopy lips. He was even famous for his Jack Dawson hairstyle which gave him more sex appeal.

He caught my attention more when I watched him in Catch Me If You Can. He was handsome in the crafty character of Frank Abagnale, Jr. . But I realized from that movie that he was such a good actor after all. His acting was impeccable . He could put spirit into emotions and body gestures he had to portray – the acting skills I had not appreciated all along. For instance, when he had to cry his eyes out or wail, he would predispose me to blinking my tears away , feeling sorry for a good-looking man like him crying in total destruction. I could even be under his sway when he did not have to gesticulate. When he had to look serious, he could render me motionless. When he had to stare into space, I would fathom the bubbles of thoughts colliding behind his beautiful eyes. When he had to work himself into a rage,I would stay calm; I would bask in his presence , so adorable to look on.


Thereafter, I had longed to watch his other movies. I loved him more in his gay role in Eclipse– the movie in which I saw him looking younger than he was in Titanic for the first time. I was astounded by his youthfulness and audacity to play that role. He was way more attractive , and was already a virtuoso. At that moment, I wished he had stayed as young as in that movie forever; I would always be gaga over him in his all movies. As a matter of fact, after watching the movie, I looked for its book adaptation if there were ones available on the internet.


When I watched The Beach, I saw how Leonardo was changing over the years, but he was still striking. His image in that movie was like a young teenager exploring the meaning of life down the streets. But it occurred to me that the more he changes , the more stunning he becomes in his other movies. His hallmark of being a good actor had still left an indelible impression on me. I even caught the wind of his other side of acting skills; he could masterfully paint pictures of different roles. Indeed, he was a versatile actor.


The Great Gatsby is another reason for me to have high respect for him. Here he had grown matured like a hot dad to wonderful children, and he really looked like a multi-millionaire property tycoon. In fact, this movie endeared me to its book; I did not enjoy it because I found it dull and dry.


Revolutionary Road based on a novel that I have wanted to read came as a surprise to me because I saw how Leonardo could be as mad as an obsessed husband. I muttered under my breath across from my Korean student that he was such a beast in the word of Hollywood acting. Then, I even wondered why it took so long before he got the Academy Award for Best Actor. He should have been recognized all along.


Recently, I watched the Shutter Island. As usual, I did not avert my eyes when he faded in and out on the screen. He was still hot for me in the movie although he was visibly distressed , and not as slender as he used to be. As a matter of fact, what is new to me in the movie is his ability to engage me in his role. I was really intimidated by his authoritative aura as a delusional detective, particularly by his dour countenance and somber mood. Plus, his crying style in movies is another reason why I came into existence as one of his avid fans. In his old movies, although he distorted his beautiful face to cry bitterly, he was able to carry me away. So, my favorite part in the movie was when he cried in deep grief after discovering the truth behind his insanity. That was an epic.


There are many good movies Leonardo DiCaprio starred in I have wanted to watch more. One of the movies I would really love to watch that gave me a deeper admiration for him is The Basketball Diaries. He was still as young as in Total Eclipse in this movie and superb , for heaven’s sake. I was impressed by how he was able to carry out the role of a rakish high school student hooked with heroin. I will never forget the movie clip in which he begged his mom for money because he could not stand abstaining from heroin. For the second time, I cursed Leonardo for that another great acting finesse. As a matter of fact, the movie is based on an autobiography written by Jim Carroll.


You may read between the lines that my deep admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio is attributed to aesthetic attraction. I am one of those avid fans borne upon the cultural stereotype that beauty is based on the standards set by the society I live in. So, you can’t hold me back from this human nature. I will be a die-hard Leonardo DiCaprio fan. (laughs)

“Dear Dad, you always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear, so I’m trying my best not to be afraid. “– Catch Me If You Can (2002)

“I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love… “– The Great Gatsby (2013)

I am a certified book bore. I am not a movie snob yet. I still can’t liken myself to a friend of mine whose favorite topic to bring up all the time is all the movies he has watched. Nevertheless, I am now taking an interest in movies because I would also love to read their novelized versions.



  1. I’m also a big fun of Leonardo Di Carpio, not only because he has this good look which easily captured women’s eyes but also because of his great acting skills. Whenever he gets a role, he could truly embrace the wholeness of his character in the movie. I was impressed as well everytime he changes his accent and copying the accent of the role he’s playing naturaly. I liked most of his movies and my favorites are “Revenant, The great gatsby, django, catch me if you can and the wolf of wall street! Django and the last movie title were superb! You must watch these if you haven’t watched them yet. 😉You will never regret!

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    • Oooh Yes! I concur with you that he even has this skill in speaking with different accents. I love everything about him. Hahaha
      I have wanted to watch Revenant and Django. Please, give me the links if you do have. 😘

      Liked by 2 people

    • And so far , his best performances for me were his roles in Total Eclipse and Catch Me If You Can. I was also amazed by his crying moment in the Basketball Diaries. I really love the way he cries in movies. Hahaha

      Liked by 3 people

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