Wonder is Reminiscent of Childhood Friendship.


I personally chose its book version for my reading class. I had a hunch that my Korean student ( Alice) would find it interesting aside from the fact that it is easy to read. In fact, I suggested that she watch the movie adaptation because I believed that she could understand the story more. Eventually, she appreciated it and the book as well. She even wanted to be a spoiler, for I had not watched it yet.


After watching the movie, I already understood why my student had been so eager to tell me the whole story : The movie must be as impressive as the book. Besides, I had a lot of realizations about beauty, friendship, and family.

The highlight of the story is Auggie’s facial deformity which may be the reason for people, particularly children at his age, to stay away from him. It is his first time to go to school with kinds of students with whom he tries to fit in . His mom home-schools him in fear that students might ostracize him. As a result, Auggie will be exposed to the reality of the world he has never lived through:It is hard to find a real friend.

However, the movie indicates through Auggie’s character that building a real friendship does not embark on physical beauty , but on the same interests he and his friends have and the beautiful memories they share with, laugh and smile about that bind them together. When such moments happen, they all forget the negative stereotypes that preclude them from the ideal gamut of making friends. I hope such moral lesson that beauty is not about flawless appearances makes a big difference to me. Our society has imbued me with that the standard of beauty is having a turned-up nose , fair complexion, and statuesque height.


The movie, in effect, dawned on me that a real or pure friendship starts in our childhood. All we wanted to do when it was our first day in school was to meet new friends whom we wanted to talk to and have fun with. Thus, the ideal initiation of socialization starts at this early age. Well, psychology may concur with me. In fact, we may not have cared about the people we wanted to get along with regardless of their races, sex, or religion. It is just sad to see that parents do not educate their children about respect for people. Or perhaps it is the judgmental society which they belong to teaches them negative stereotypes.

Auggie is not the only center of the movie but also of his sister Via and friend Jack Will. I find this boy a promising heartthrob. Unlike Auggie, Via has to restore the friendship with her best friend. To console herself, she joins a theater club which becomes the instrument of their reconciliation. On the other hand, Jack Will tests his loyalty by stabbing him in the back, which causes him to realize how Auggie and he are meant to be real friends. I loved this part.

Now I have the clear ideas of why my student was so eager to tell me the whole story. It is a wonderful movie that young students like her should watch. It is not just about accepting someone with open arms despite his/ her physical disability but also about finding a real friend.

I am now excited to finish the book. πŸ™‚

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
-Antoine de Saint-ExupΓ©ry, The Little Prince-

Rating 5/ 5 ( It’s amazing. )



  1. Sad thing is, most people in the world tend to seek out equally beautiful people to be friends with. Some are, if they can get benefits from them. And the rest are just, nah, we have the same interest to share with each other so we’re cool, let’s be friends then.. what a disappointing truths! Hahahaha!

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