My Cat is Now a Full-Fledged Queen.

Looked like a damsel in distress

I have taken care of many cats, but it seems like I am now fancying myself as a titular behaviorist. Well, books were the only references I could have  access to when I was still very young, but I came from an impecunious family.

I have been observing since last night that my new cat, half-Siamese,  is now undergoing her first estrus cycle.

At first, I was puzzled by her strange behaviors such as rubbing against my ankles, our walls  and  floor with her cheeks and body, flattening her front quarters close to the ground, raising her tail whenever I touched her hind legs.

I first suspected that she was in pain for something she had eaten.  However,  the idea came unbidden  when I noticed something discharging from her genital area which she kept on licking. Besides,  she wanted to escape the house and felt like being out on the prowl for a male cat outside. I really drove a wedge between them. 

Thanks to the information readily accessible in the internet.  I have understood why she has been acting up like that. Yomi turns out to be  going in heat, the sign of her puberty stage,  the right time for her to mate and reproduce her own kittens. ( teary-eyed) In short,  she has been  ” makati“, a literal Filipino word for someone horny.

When how much I loved to pet her on my lap as soon as I arrived home from the toxic world 🙂

However,  although I am an ailurophile, I still limit the number of cats I want to take in. My two cats are enough to knead my life sore from this enigmatic world. If I lived in a palatial country residence , I would allow her to multiply as many as she could. That would be a planet of the cats: The Cats Invasion. (laughs)

There are some tips on how to calm a cat in heat such as playing with her to divert her  attention, isolating her from male cats, giving her something warm to sit on, and so on. However, these are not long-term solutions. The only best course of action I would do is to have her spayed. Not surprisingly,  spaying costs quite expensive.

Daniel, my  tomcat who wants to beat other stray  tomcats  to the punch.

In the light of her new biological changes,  I have  realized  that cats we take care of so lovingly are like us humans. We want to protect them as if we are a  mom who only knows what is best for her kids.



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