Carlo’s Farewell

I’m now on the verge of finishing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by the British writer Louis de Bernières.

There is a chapter of that novel that tugged at my heartstrings  and that would also stir emotions among  the LGBT community.  This chapter  shows  the  universal language and love psychology of the LGBT members.  If you belong to us, you need to have a roll of tissue at your disposal .




The letter is  meant  for gays, particularly  for soldiers, who are too reserved  to express their feelings because of  cultural stereotypes of homosexuality. So, only queers can understand Carlo’s farewell letter.

Forgive me for the spoiler. Carlo is a warm-hearted homosexual Italian soldier who falls in love with his comrade Francesco whom he loses to war.He later falls in love with Captain Corelli and sacrifices his life to save the Captain’s.

Its theme  on the LGBT community is one of the reasons why the novel is electrifying. Par for the course, I am really fond of pink novels.

The novel sprang a surprise on me because I didn’t expect that it’s more than those novels I have considered my top favorites. I will review it sooner or later.



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