A Quiet Place (2018): A Film Review


I don’t remember how long I was still as stiff as a ramrod after the movie . My younger sister was nudging me in the ribs to leave the cinema right away. All the people below  us were milling around to make a beeline for the exits. I was still overcome with the ending of the movie. Then, I awoke to  the big round of applause from the people I didn’t care to see. They must have enjoyed the movie as did my younger sister and I.

When my younger sister and I decided to eat our fill at our favorite burger restaurant, all we talked about was the movie. Mind you. My sister is 14 years old. Lucky her. The movie is R-13. We both agreed that the movie is “bitin“. Well,  the other solar planets concur with us. Nevertheless,  I may not be a certified movie buff,  but I said to my sister that what I liked about the movie  are that its concept is  unique,  that the actors  did very well, and that it enthralled me so much that I  lost my composure.

The movie made me brush upon the American Sign Language I learned when I still specialized in Special Education. So, I was thrilled to watch the characters  communicating with one another with their body gestures. At the same time, I could completely understand their  silent conversations through the English subtitles which I wish movie theaters did for the hearing impaired like me. No wonder I enjoyed the movie so much.

I believe that if it were not the actors for their stunning and impressive acting skills  notably Emily Blunt, the movie could be lackluster; it could make the audience stretch and yawn and kick themselves for spending their bucks on it. Speaking of Emily Blunt, she was sensational in her unforgettable scene in the bathtub. That was an epic. I loved that part because  I respect all mothers in the world more.

The complete absence of sound or voice in the movie is what kept me in suspense for over an hour . As a result, I was so absorbed in it that I was not mindful of my movie etiquette. I was like a kid being gagged by my mother  from screaming bloody murder. It is not that really  as scary as other notorious horror movies. There are some scenes I did not wish to befall the characters. So, I don’t think that it should be classified as a horror movie.

One thing I really hate about this movie is “ bitin“.I was not satisfied with the ending. Of course, that’s the theory of  evolution among films now. Movie-makers capitalize on their masterpieces by making  their audience swear like a trooper. Not that bad. I am still curious about the ghastly origin of those aliens which  might dawn on me  in its sequel. I hope it doesn’t let me down. Otherwise, I would not lapse into silence; I would rant and rave about it.

There are two things I did not like in the movie. First, the scene where the father has to sacrifice his life .  I have watched such scene several times. I wish the director had done something more shocking than that since the suspense kills its audience. The other one that didn’t appeal to me much is the appearance of the aliens. I have seen such monsters on  other planets.

You may learn some moral lessons from this movie, but what I was delighted with is the message that after all , this is the real life of the hearing impaired: they live in a silent corner of the world. They can only convey their feelings and thoughts through the delicate power of the sign language. By the same token, it reminded me of the restrictions imposed on freedom of expression  in a society governed by “Death Angels”.

Rating: 4/ 5 stars ( I really liked it.)










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