Mabuhay! Welcome to my blog. I’m Joey a.k.a The Future Trappist ( but I don’t mean to spend my life  in a cloister .)

I am a failed writer, poet, theater actor, lexicographer, polyglot, English grammarian, educator, doctor, psychologist, biologist, political scientist, fashion designer, economist, philosopher, lawyer, and what not…,

but…I am a perpetual student  in the air and a certifiable bibliophile and bookwormnot to mention a hearing impaired who could be a butt of  jokes among primitive people .

I always feel like sharing the books I have read with my friends until they find me a-pain-in-the-ass and know-it-all. Alas, I cannot prey on anyone else, for they have different  taste, life,  thoughts, and feelings. So here I am ,  holing up in Timbuktu- a far-flung  dimensional place  beyond  this  vacuous tube , alone with a library of books I have read and with a stack of   books  with which I am keeping up   at my completely please-don’t-disturb-me leisure.

Here I can smash the ideas and facts   I have gleaned to smithereens until they come into molecular   groups of thoughts and feelings.

All the articles I am  going to write  here are just the products of my hunger for education, febrile imagination,  and  heuristic moments.   So, bear with me. ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog!



  1. I’ll be following your blog from now on. Can I mention your Goodreads name here? Haha! I’ve been wondering for a week now. Who is this Future Trappist? I can’t find his “abookboreintimbuktu” blog. But now I know it’s you. You changed your url. Looking forward to your posts. 🙂


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